Can you say hypocrisy? VP Kamala Harris hops on gas-guzzling jet, flies to New York, and delivers speech about climate change

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In a demonstration of gross hypocrisy, Vice President Kamala Harris hopped on a gas-guzzling jet and flew to the state of New York on Wednesday where she delivered a speech related to the topic of climate change.

“This morning, I’m heading to Buffalo, New York to highlight how we are taking climate action, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act,” a tweet on Harris’s @VP Twitter account declared.

“Today, I have the honor of greeting @VP Kamala Harris on the tarmac after her arrival at the @BUFAirport for her visit and speech at @UBuffalo. Waiting in the motorcade now for Air Force Two’s arrival,” Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz tweeted on Wednesday. “The @VP’s plane has landed and now we are waiting to greet her once she has deplaned. I will be joined by @MayorByronBrown in welcoming her to Buffalo, Erie County and WNY, more commonly known now as #BillsNation,” he added in another tweet, which contained a photo of the aircraft.

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During her speech on Wednesday, Harris declared, “Your generation knows the threat of the climate crisis, because you have lived it. And for your entire lives thus far, you have seen our nation fail to act with the urgency this crisis demands.”

Vice President Harris Delivers Remarks at an Inflation Reduction Act Climate Event

Harris, like many other global elites who promulgate the dogmas of climate alarmism, is no stranger to such displays of hypocrisy.

Last year in October, people noted the incredible irony of Harris boarding an airplane in order to travel to deliver a speech related to the “climate crisis” — a tweet on the @VP Twitter account featured footage of Harris preparing to board an aircraft, and the post read, “Today I’m heading to Lake Mead in Nevada to discuss the climate crisis–and why we must make historic investments to not only create jobs, but preserve our planet for generations to come.”

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