‘A woman is a person who identifies as an adult female’: Green Party US Senate candidate offers absurd definition for the word ‘woman’

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Matt Hoh, a Green Party candidate running for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, has claimed that the word “woman” refers to “a person who identifies as an adult female.”

According to that definition, which reflects the absurdity of radical leftist gender ideology, anyone could qualify a woman — operating under the definition that Hoh offered, a biological man who identifies as a female would qualify as a woman, but a biological woman who identifies as a man would not qualify as a woman.

In a tweet last week, Hoh said that he had received his “first ‘what is a woman’ question. Before I could say anything my campaign manager replied: ‘F[***] off Transphobe!’ There was no reason to say anything else,” Hoh wrote.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire responded to Hoh on Thursday by tweeting, “So you’re actually proud of your inability to answer a question that my five year old can answer easily?”

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“No, I’m proud of my campaign manager for standing up to an aggressive bad faith heckler (that guy was not interested in a conversation). A woman is a person who identifies as an adult female. I’m happy to talk further @MattWalshBlog,” Hoh responded.

“So a person who identifies as an adult female but is not actually an adult female is still an adult female?” Walsh tweeted. “Does this apply to anything else? Can I become a tree or a gerbil or the Sun by identifying as such?”

“These are the same arguments I heard in the 80s and 90s, how being gay was a choice, a delusion. There was an obsession then with controlling people, as there is now. Let people be who they know they are,” Hoh replied.

As a third-party candidate, Hoh likely does not stand a chance of winning the election contest.

He advocates for eliminating the electoral college and electing the president though a popular vote, and he supports “Full ex-felon voting re-enfranchisement,” according to his campaign website.

He is also a climate alarmist.

“Climate change threatens the survival of humanity. We need a real #GreenNewDeal now to tackle the existential threat of climate crisis and move our money from the war machine into creating millions of good, green, sustainable union jobs across the US that can’t be outsourced,” Hoh tweeted on Thursday.

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