‘My Son Hunter’ Film Gets Standing Ovation At Secret Hollywood Screening

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A secret Hollywood screening was held for the upcoming film “My Son Hunter” – it was attended by conservatives in Hollywood, many of whom wished to remain anonymous.

The film got a standing ovation from those in attendance.

Breitbart reported:

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A secret, invitation-only screening of My Son Hunter took place this week in Los Angeles, with a group of Hollywood conservatives, producers, and influencers standing to their feet and applauding during an early look at the upcoming movie, which is now available for pre-order and will be available for streaming and download on September 7.

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A crowd of around 70 people gathered Wednesday in a private screening room without the pomp usually reserved for premieres — no red carpet, no photographers, no line of fawning celebrity reporters, according to a Newsweek report.

Attendees reportedly gave the movie a standing ovation and praised producers Phelim McAleer and Anne McElhinney for their courage to make it.

The movie is telling the story of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.”

Newsweek reported:

The crowd-funded film, to be streamed by right-wing Breitbart News, is based largely on the story of the “laptop from hell” that Hunter Biden mistakenly abandoned at a repair shop and which allegedly included emails that conservatives say are proof that then-Vice President Biden profited from his son’s “influence peddling.”

The episode over the laptop, which also contained images of Hunter Biden using drugs and cavorting with women, is at the center of conservative accusations of a coordinated cover-up by Big Tech and mainstream media in the run-up to Biden’s election 2020 victory over former President Donald Trump.

“This Hunter Biden situation is a story that needs to be told, and it hasn’t been by the mainstream media. This is unprecedented. The media was in bed with Joe Biden and wanted the last election to go a certain way,” Cain told Newsweek.

You can watch the trailer for My Son Hunter here:

You can pre-order the film here

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