Feds on Parade: Maysterious Patriot Front Members March in Khakis and Masks in Indianapolis (VIDEO)

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The mysterious Patriot Front group marched in Indianapolis today for Labor Day.

The boys were out in the khakis and blue T-shirts again. They were all wearing masks.

The group invested in several flags for today’s march. It would be interesting to discover who paid for the travel, the flags and the uniforms.

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The group marched in downtown Indianapolis.

TRENDING: CONFIRMED: As Gateway Pundit Reported — FBI Doctored Mar-a-Lago Photo, Added Their Own Docs that DON’T MATCH INVENTORY REPORTS

Unlike Antifa and BLM the Patriot Front does not break any laws nor are they involved in violence.

Democrats labael them a very dangerous hate group.

It’s not clear what their purpose is.


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