Biden Wants to “Fund” the Police…Bullcrap

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I am so angry that it is difficult even to type this post. This President stood before a group of nodding sheeple and said the Democrats are the Party of Law and Order. This President has been lying to America since he took the oath on January 20, 2021 but this is insulting. That is what this unifying President has been for nearly two years. Divide, Insult and lie is the code of this individual and his Party. If this clown, and I apologize for using that descriptive of our President, but he insults the office, was concerned about law and order, he could have put funding for Police and Border Patrol into his Inflation Reduction Act instead of 87,000 new IRS agents.

In his latest speeches, where he blasts and defames all Republicans as one, he spreads the mistruth that all Republicans voted against funding the police. This claim is not even a stretch of the truth but an outright lie. There was a provision for police funding buried in the Build Back Better Bill that could not even get the approval of all Democrat Senators. The BBB Bill was a $3 Trillion fiasco that would have been a boon for the Green Energy sector and Inflation. Just what Americans need right now is more debt and higher prices.

Biden is flooding the airwaves and will give the nation a prime-time address on Thursday night. This address should be a paid political ad and not a Presidential address to the country. Biden is trying desperately to resurrect his approval ratings before the midterms. To achieve this, Biden is going on the attack of Conservative Americans. Some say this is Biden’s Deplorable Moment and will backfire on the old, feeble politician.

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Biden forgot that over seventy million Americans voted for Donald Trump in 2020. His attacks and rhetoric are stirring them even more than the Democrats he hopes to motivate. Joe apparently learned nothing from Hillary Clinton and her untimely comment that may have doomed her election. Or he cannot remember any events that happened a few short years ago.

Joe’s new love of the police would be comical if it were not so heartbreaking. Crime rates have been skyrocketing in the last two years due to the defunding of police at the hands of radical Left mayors and governors. If you look at the top ten cities showing increases in crime, all of them have a predominantly Democrat leadership, including the District Attorneys. No cash bail and the proliferation of repeat offenders walking the streets are quickly killing these once great cities.

Along with the police, Joe Biden is further harming our safety and national security by leaving our Southern Border wide open. His administration can claim to the high heaven that the Border is secure, but the facts speak for themselves. Over two million unvetted illegal aliens have entered our country in two years, and we have lost over 200,000 Americans to fentanyl simultaneously. Joe Biden has destroyed the safety of America, and he can give all the speeches he can schedule, it will not change the truth.

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