Dr. Lawrence Sellin Presentation About COVID-19 Given in the Netherlands (VIDEO)

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Dr. Lawrence Sellin gave a presentation on the origins of COVID-19 and other factors at a recent gathering in the Netherlands.  

On August 25, 2022, Dr. Sellin shared in the Netherlands his presentation on COVID-19.

Dr. Sellin shares:

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The origin of COVID-19 was not the Wuhan wet market because there has been no evidence of COVID-19 from any of the animal samples from that market.

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The Chinese military discussed biotechnology weapons for incidences like COVID-19 to be used to attack enemies in biowarfare.

The Chinese were willing to use gain of function research to make biowarfare more dangerous.

The smoking gun for gain of function is found in COVID-19.

“There’s really no evolutionary pathway to produce this kind of outcome.”

COVID-19 is 15 times more infectious than original coronavirus from early 2000’s.

There is much more.  Watch this excellent presentation below:

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