WOW: 62 Percent Majority of College Democrats Say They Won’t Room With a Trump Supporter

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A massive 62 percent majority of college Democrats say that they will not room with a Trump voter.

Republicans are far less petty, with 0nly 28 percent saying that they would not room with a Biden voter.

NBC News/Generation Lab polled the class of 2025 and asked about how much they are willing to shun people who have opposing political ideas.

“That’s a pretty powerful picture — you have Trump dorms and Biden dorms,” Generation Labs founder Cyrus Beschloss told NBC, while discussing the survey’s findings.

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“I don’t think I would have seen that when I was starting college in 2015,” Beschloss  added.

It is not just roommates, the students were also asked, “would you go on a date with someone if you knew they supported for the opposing presidential candidate as the one you supported in 2020?”

A majority of 53 percent, across party lines, say that they would “probably not” or “definitely not” go on a date with someone who voted for the opposite party.

“I could never live with someone who supported a racist, homophobic, xenophobic and sexist person,” September Mostransky, 18, of Siena College in Loudonville, New York, told NBC, referring to former President Donald Trump.

On the other hand, Ethan Strohmetz, 19, a Republican who attends Catholic University in Washington, D.C., told NBC that “person’s political views do not affect whether or not I would have a friendship or relationship with them,” he said.

“Many of my friends have vastly different political views than I do, but I do not let that affect our friendship,” Strohmetz added.

NBC reports, “and when it comes to marriage, 63% of all respondents say they couldn’t see themselves marrying someone who voted differently, while 37% disagreed and said they could see themselves marrying such a person.”

Additionally, “a combined 62% say they probably or definitely wouldn’t work for a company that donated to a cause conflicting with their values, while 37% said they probably/definitely would.’

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