Little Adam Kinzinger Observes that Some Men Aren’t So Manly, Um….

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Adam Kinzinger tweeted today that he noticed some men are not so manly.  Some are also not so corrupt.

Here is Kinzinger’s tweet.

TRENDING: SPERRY: FBI Agents Involved in Trump Raid are Under Criminal Investigation by Durham For Abusing Their Power in Trump-Russia Probe

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The thing is Kinzinger cries at meetings when he’s busy throwing innocent individuals into the DC Gulag who did nothing wrong on Jan 6.  This little guy is sick.

Kinzinger has played all the cards he has about being an Air Force Vet.  He also claimed he was a conservative.  But this doesn’t make him a man, nor does it make him honest.  Despite being a member of the great USAF, Kinzinger is doing all he can to destroy the President of the United States by being a member of the corrupt and unconstitutional (on many counts) Jan 6 committee.

Kinzinger is a joke.  He even knows it, that’s why he’s not running for reelection. His requirement for being on the Jan 6 committee was that he had to vote for President Trump’s impeachment and his career had to be over.

Adam Kinzinger has no authority to call out anyone for being less than manly.  Real men have courage and integrity, two qualities Kinzinger does not have. 

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