Is Brittney Griner paying the price for identity politics?

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Identity politics rule American culture, and it has rarely been more evident than with women’s basketball star Brittney Griner. Jason Whitlock, the host of “Fearless” on BlazeTV, broke down his theory about the unintended, or possibly even intended, consequences of the Russia-Griner situation.

According to Jason, if Brittney Griner were heterosexual and the average white or black girl in Russia, no one would be trying to use her as a bargaining chip. Would the Biden administration be in negotiations with Russia to swap Griner for a Russian arms dealer?

Woke America is down with the cause for identity politics, and culture deems homosexual black women as a high-value target. Brittney Griner’s ordeal, according to Jason, might bring some Americans to the conclusion that their government would not be fighting for them the way they are for Griner.

Here are the tragic outcomes: Much of the country feels indifferent to Griner’s situation. Because of the special treatment her demographic receives above the rest, black homosexual women are in more danger than before when they travel to countries that are not our allies. Either way, Griner is paying the price for America’s culture war.

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