Tin-foil Haturday: Monkeypox, Fentanyl, and The Skullduggery of Joe Biden (or Whoever Is in Charge)

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It’s easy to climb on a high horse and say, “Who cares about people who overdose on fentanyl? They shouldn’t take drugs anyway.” But first, consider two things: people, especially young people, tend to get bored when their government closes the schools, playgrounds, and everything else over a virus that roughly 99% of Americans will survive. It’s easy to see how so many can fall into a drug habit.

Another thing to keep in mind is this: a lot of people are dying because they are buying painkillers off the street and have no idea that the pills have been laced with fentanyl. Why would a drug dealer kill off his customers? That sounds like a bad business model. Maybe someone else is doing the lacing.

According to the CDC, more than 100,000 American die from a drug overdose every year, and no less than 150 people die from fentanyl every day. That’s a minimum of 54,750 fentanyl deaths every year, which is more than the number of American soldiers killed in action in the 13 years we fought in Vietnam.

Fentanyl starts its journey to the U.S. from China. Chinese chemical and pharmaceutical companies ship the necessary ingredients to Mexico. Sometimes they ship pure fentanyl.

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FACT-O-RAMA! Fentanyl sales bring in billions of dollars per year.

How are the Chinese doing it?

From the U.S.-China Economic Security Review Commission, 2017 Staff Research Report:

According to U.S. law enforcement and drug investigators, China is the main supplier of fentanyl to the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Because illicit fentanyl is not widely used in China, authorities place little emphasis on controlling its production and export. Chinese chemical manufacturers export a range of fentanyl products to the United States, including raw fentanyl, fentanyl precursors, fentanyl analogues, *fentanyl-laced counterfeit prescription drugs like oxycodone, and pill presses and other machinery necessary for fentanyl production. These products are sent to small-scale drug distributors and criminal organizations across the United States who package and sell the product. According to the DEA, hundreds of thousands of counterfeit pills—some containing deadly amounts of fentanyl—as well as an unknown quantity of other fentanyl products have been brought into the United States

That was 2017. The fentanyl overdoses began to spike in 2021.

Unlike the U.S., where drug dealers are back on the streets in two days, China executes its drug peddlers to the tune of hundreds, if not thousands, per year. If the Chi-coms are stacking the bodies of drug dealers, how is it that enough fentanyl, especially from legitimate companies, still makes it the U.S. to kill 150 Americans every day? Either the typically brutal commie regime is REALLY bad at catching drug dealers, or they just might be sending it themselves.

We know most of the Chinese fentanyl comes through Mexico. Who opened the borders and made it so easy for the Chinese fentanyl to get here? I’ll give you a hint: his son has lost at least three computers full of secrets that could end a presidency.

Joe Biden, Hunter Biden
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

It’s the same guy who took oil from our strategic reserves and sold it to a Chinese company his son invested in.


  • Enough fentanyl to kill at least 150 Americans per day “somehow” comes from a draconian communist country that kills drug dealers.
  • Most of it comes over the southern border that Joe Biden opened up.
  • Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” is showing us that he had “business dealings” in China, and at least 10% (some say 50%) went to”the big guy.”
  • Maybe, just maybe, China has some dirt on the Bidens.


Like every good huckster, the Democrats are pros at making us look to the left while picking our right-hand pockets. As 150 Americans are dying every day from fentanyl, the Biden Administration has decided that the dreaded Monkeypox is so dangerous that it is now a “public health emergency.” The problem here is, that as of Aug. 2, 2022, not ONE American has died from the new strain of Cupid’s Curse.

I am NOT a doctor, but when the death score is 150-0 every day, I’m thinking monkeypox might not be the problem. In fact, for Joe Biden, monkeypox just might be the answer.

  • What better way to take the focus off of all the Chinese fentanyl he is allowing over the border than to keep his media lapdogs talking about monkeypox?
  • What better way to continue that SWEET mail-in voting that brought him “81 million” votes in 2020, considering that the Democrats are looking at a behind-the-shed type beating in November?

Despite public health sirens from the Biden administration, the commies at the World Health Organization (WHO), and various other localities, the left actually seems to be encouraging gay men to slumber with one another. Rather than ask for a two-week sex rest, San Francisco refused to call off their annual gay fetish “Up Your Alley” bash. Taking a brief bathhouse time out would mean that monkeypox would disappear, and we all know the Democrats can’t let a good crisis go to waste. Gay men, assured the Democrats love them and Republicans are evil, seem to be pox-covered pawns in all of this.


I am not suggesting Joe Biden opened the borders back up so that China could make mad stacks selling deadly drugs. Nor am I suggesting Biden had his flying monkeys in the media push monkeypox to divert our attention from it all AND keep mail-in voting alive. But all of these things are true:

  • Biden opened the borders.
  • Enough Chinese fentanyl to kill 150 Americans per day sneaks over those borders. The number of fentanyl deaths has risen sharply since 2021.
  • Fentanyl sales bring in billions of dollars a year.
  • That’s a lot of fentanyl coming from a country that executes hundreds, if not thousands, of drug dealers every year.
  • No Americans have died from monkeypox, yet the Biden administration and the WHO are calling it a “public health emergency.”
  • Hunter Biden snagged a lot of cheddar from business dealings in China when his dad was vice president. The FBI is currently ignoring investigating him.
  • It’s not unreasonable to believe that the Chinese have dirt on the Bidens that they could leverage to make Joe open the borders and keep those billions of dollars flowing to China.

Joe Biden is considered by many to be chin-deep in corruption. How far does it go? Is it too much to think Gropey Joe might be allowing China to cash in on fentanyl sales? Why doesn’t he close the southern border and save 150 American lives every day instead of pushing the monkeyshines? It’s time to see EVERYTHING on Hunter’s laptop.

AP/Reuters Feed Library

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