Biden Admin Floats Economy ‘In a Transition’ Because, Why Not?

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The transgender craze that has swept the world seems to have no limits. If you’re a man and you think you’re a woman, sure — go for it. If you’re a woman and you think you’re a man, give it a shot! If you don’t think you’re a man or a woman, who are we to tell you otherwise? If you’re an economy in recession, but the administration doesn’t identify you as such, you can just transition to a better economy!

Sadly, that last part isn’t entirely me being facetious. Why? Because (believe it or not) the Biden administration is quite literally arguing that the economy is in transition.

During Friday’s White House press briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked if the recent job numbers (which were better than expected) would be cited as proof the economy isn’t in a recession.

“I’ll say this, the strong labor market is what we’re looking at, right?” asked rhetorically. “That tells us, because of the strong labor market, and that being one of the many economic indicators, shows us that we are not in a recession, that we are in a transition, and that is very important to note.”

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So there you have it. The economy identifies as trans, not as being in a recession.

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The latest jobs report showed that the economy added 528,000 jobs last month, more than double what economists had predicted. The unemployment rate also edged down to 3.5%. Despite these positive numbers, the U.S. economy contracted again in the second quarter of 2022, meaning the nation is currently in a recession despite Joe Biden inheriting a nation in economic recovery after most of the COVID-19 lockdowns started getting lifted with the availability of the COVID vaccines — though Joe Biden falsely claims the jobs have come back because of his economic policies.

In addition to the United States being in a recession, historic inflation and record gas prices are crushing consumers. Also, not all economic metrics look good. For example, the labor force participation is still below pre-pandemic levels. There are also 5.9 million Americans not in the labor force who currently want a job but are not even counted in the unemployment rate — another metric that is worse now than before the pandemic. Another 2.2 million Americans are unable to work because their employer closed or lost business due to the pandemic. The pandemic also prevented another 548,000 people from even looking for work.

So things aren’t all good, no matter what the Biden administration says. Naturally, it’s easy for the economy to have an identity crisis. The economy sure must feel like it’s in a recession, even though the Biden administration clearly doesn’t identify it as such. Last year, they tried to tell us that inflation was “transitory.”

It seems like everything is trans-something to this administration, right? Transgender people… transitioning economy… transitory inflation.

It’s all the rage.

How much longer will it be before those of us who insist the economy is in recession despite the Biden administration refining recession to… well, something other than what we’re experiencing now, are deemed “transphobic?”

After all, if LGBTQ people can redefine “woman,” why can’t the Biden administration redefine “recession,” right? The economy isn’t in recession, it’s in transition! If you don’t agree with this, you’re a bigot.

And don’t forget to use the Biden economy’s preferred pronouns: recovery/booming.

Honestly, crazier things have happened.

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