“I Am Not a Traitor” – 60 Minutes Interviews Dirty Traitor Reality Winner

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Former NSA contractor Reality Leigh Winner was arrested in June of 2017 after she removed classified material from a government facility and mailed it to a news outlet.

On Thursday, Reality Winner was sentenced to 63 months in prison, the longest sentence ever for a person who had disclosed classified material to a news outlet.

Ms. Winner was facing up to 10 years in prison which is the maximum sentence, however as part of her guilty plea, government prosecutors recommended 63 months, reported the Examiner.

Reality Winner was arrested and charged just hours after The Intercept published a report based on classified information she sent to the outlet.

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Shortly after her arrest, she was indicted by a federal grand jury on a single count.

The Gateway Pundit previously documented Reality Winner’s hatred for President Trump via her social media, but the explosive testimony given at her detention hearing after her arrest sent shock waves across the internet.

Federal prosecutors testified based on evidence seized from her house, Reality Winner made plans to burn the White House down and pledged her allegiance to the Taliban.

Reality Winner, 26, leaked classified documents to the media, had plans to burn down the White House and pledged her allegiance to a terrorist organization yet she is considered a hero by the left.

Reality was released from prison in June.

’60 Minutes’ interviewed this dirty traitor last night for some reason… Because doesn’t everyone want to here this criminal play victim?

Catturd nails it.

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