Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is a Drama Queen

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Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., (AOC) was caught today faking that she was handcuffed.

The truth is AOC was actually getting arrested, but she was not in cuffs. As always, the truth was not enough for her. She had to fake that she was also in handcuffs.

It’s not the first time AOC faked her reaction.

In 2019, photographs of AOC near a border detention facility in Tornillo, TX, were released on social media. They appeared to show the congresswoman crying over the supposed mistreatment of immigrants at the border.

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It was quite obvious that this was a political publicity stunt to show how empathetic AOC was over such horrible treatment. The truth was she cried in front of a fence facing an empty road that led to the camp.

Candace Owens called out AOC’s lies.

“It’s an empty parking lot. AOC staged a photo shoot[sic] in front of an empty parking lot,” Owens tweeted.

Of course, PolitiFact was quick to fact-check that claim. Don’t worry, your supposed “nonpartisan” but actually left-leaning “fact-checkers” are ready to tell you what to think. AOC did not in fact cry in front of a parking lot… it was actually a road with a lot of cars on it, according to Fox News. Much different, you see?

There was also another time—you know the time, Congress is still having hearings about it—on January 6, when the congresswoman stated that she barricaded herself to stay safe from the riots. She’s a survivor, you see? No really. That’s what she called herself.

“Survivors have a very strong set of skills. And the skills that are required as a survivor, the tools that you build for resilience, they come back in right away,” AOC said in an interview, according to CNN. “And for me, I felt like those skills were coming right back so that I could survive,” she added.

Yup. She’s a regular Rambo.

The trauma was too much for poor AOC that she needed to attend therapy.

The drama never ends. Except she was not even in the same building when she supposedly barricaded herself.

Ocasio-Cortez hid in her office located in the Cannon Building; however, the Cannon Building is not in fact located in the Capitol building itself, according to the New York Post.

What that means is that AOC could have left at any time and was never in any real danger. Again, the drama.

Ocasio-Cortez is an attention seeker always on the lookout to play up any situation as more than it really is for her five minutes of fame. It’s all about optics, but the American people are smarter than that. We can see AOC for what she really is: a drama queen.

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