Biden Admin Pushes Electric Vehicles in Their Own Special Way

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Americans continue to struggle with historic inflation and record high prices at the pump. Last week, we learned that inflation rose to 9.1% in June, and while gas prices have inched downward, they’re still nearly double what they were when Biden took office. Humorously, Joe Biden wants us to believe not only that it’s not his fault but that he wants gas prices to go down.

By the end of 2018, the United States was exporting more oil than it imported for the first time in 70 years, but Joe Biden repeatedly promised on the campaign trail to “end fossil fuels.” On his first day, in addition to killing the Keystone XL Pipeline, Biden signed executive orders ending Trump’s Energy Independence Initiatives and directed government agencies to review and rescind Trump-era policies that made the United States energy independent. In addition, Biden pushed for more burdensome emissions regulations and limited domestic energy production, among other things.

A week later, he announced a moratorium on new oil and gas leases and set a goal of doubling costly and inefficient wind power production by 2025. Then he had us buying oil from Russia…that is, until Russia decided to invade Ukraine. Biden banned imports of Russian oil but didn’t take the hint that we need to stop relying on foreign nations for our energy. Thanks to Biden, the United States went from producing over 13 million barrels of oil a day under Trump to now producing closer to 11.5 million. This week, Biden went crawling to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) in Saudi Arabia to beg for oil.

Biden’s putting on a hell of a show, but time and time again, we have found that the true goal of the administration is to transition the nation to electric cars. This week, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg became the latest Biden official to say the quiet part out loud on gas prices.

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“We’re for cutting the cost of electric vehicles because when you have an electric vehicle, then you’re also going to be able to save on gas, but you got to be able to afford it in the first place,” he said during an interview on REAL 92.3’s Big Boy TV. “Right now, we’re actually starting to see on some models the costs come to where even if your car payment’s a little higher, your gas payment will be a little lower, and you come out ahead, but the prices still need to come down for most Americans to be able to get an EV.”

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Isn’t that great? Gas prices have gotten so bad that (conveniently) electric vehicles are suddenly more attractive to consumers. Considering everything the administration has done, do these people really expect us to believe that sky-high fuel prices aren’t by design? Heck, they haven’t exactly been secretive about this. Back in November, then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, “Our view is that the rise in gas prices over the long term makes an even stronger case for doubling down on our investment and our focus on clean energy options, so we are not relying on the fluctuations and OPEC and their willingness to put more supply and meet the demand in the market.”

The White House has made no effort to hide its ultimate goal of forcing Americans to buy electric vehicles. The least administrators could do is to stop insulting us with these lame performances, pretending they’re trying to bring energy prices down.

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