[WATCH] Kruiser’s ‘Beyond the Briefing’—The Wusses Say They Want a Revolution

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The most evergreen response regarding American leftists in any situation these days is, “I don’t think they’re handling this very well.” These are the people, after all, who have still been miserable even after winning back the House and installing their puppet president after the 2020 election. The poor dears are just too chronically wracked with feelings to cope even when things go their way.


Of course, things haven’t been going their way in recent weeks and the tizzy is SO on.

They are once again being encouraged by high-ranking Democrats like Secretary Mayor Pete to continue criminally harassing people in the name of protest.

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They really fancy themselves as stone-cold bad a**es who will eventually prevail if all of this spills into the street.

Sure kids, give that a try.


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