Crack, Prostitutes, Shady Business Deals, and Biden’s ‘Return to Decency’

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This morning I found myself driving behind a car with a bumper sticker that read “Mean Tweets 2024.”

I laughed when I saw it because the sentiment sure did ring true. I’d gladly trade high gas prices, inflation, the supply chain crisis, the border crisis, etc., in exchange for a few mean tweets. In a heartbeat.

Joe Biden claimed on the campaign trail that things were bad under Trump and that only Scranton Joe could make it better. Then, as a bonus, Biden promised a return to decency if he were elected. It was a constant theme of his presidential campaign because clearly, America couldn’t handle a few mean tweets in exchange for low gas prices, low inflation, and a secure southern border. The horror!

The thing is, Biden not only failed to make things better, but he also completely failed on his promise to restore decency. Instead, he and his administration have abused their power to target Trump and his supporters, as well as parents who dare to speak out at school board meetings. And they’ve even refused to protect Supreme Court justices because they don’t like their recent ruling on abortion.

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And then, of course, there’s the whole Hunter Biden problem. Joe’s youngest son has been a magnet for controversy since long before Joe Biden took office. Remember when it was highly controversial for Donald Trump to have his kids working in the White House as advisors? But apparently, in the eyes of the media, the president having a son with controversial business ties to China and a penchant for prostitutes and illegal drugs is somehow preferable to a president having his kids serve in his administration. We know this because the media actively covered up Hunter Biden’s scandals before the election and continued to turn a blind to them after Joe took office.

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The most recent scandal, of course, is the leak of data allegedly from Hunter Biden’s iPhone and iPad. Like the abandoned laptop before, it is full of creepy videos, incriminating text messages, and who knows what else.

In one video that allegedly came off his iPhone, Hunter Biden can be seen arguing with a prostitute over how much crack cocaine he had on a scale. It boggles the mind that Hunter Biden, whom Joe Biden once called “the smartest guy I know,” actually recorded this.

“Imagine the things he decided may be a bit too much for film,” Donald Trump Jr. said on Twitter. “Also imagine the coverage if this was me?”

That last part is indeed a key observation. Imagine for a second that, while Donald Trump was president, a video of any one of his children with crack cocaine was leaked online. Considering how much coverage the media gave to fake news about Trump and his family, including fishing investigations desperately looking for crimes, we all know what that coverage would look like. Yet, Hunter Biden’s videos with prostitutes, drugs, etc., get nothing but yawns from the media and the White House.

Here’s another example: How many articles were published last year praising Hunter Biden’s artwork? Contrast that with how little coverage was given to Hunter’s shady dealer, the anonymous buyers, and the blindingly obvious influence-buying scheme behind it. Imagine if Donald Trump Jr. attempted such a thing. Would the media have pretended it was on the level?

It’s enraging to think that the same media that tried to convince us how evil the Trumps are have made it their job to cover up the depravity and corruption of the Bidens—who were supposed to restore decency to the White House.

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