Short Video Clips from President Trump’s Record Gathering in Alaska

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Trump was on fire tonight in Alaska.  He was at his best.  

Below are some segments from tonight’s Trump rally in Alaska. 

The crowd set a new record in the history of Alaska.

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TRENDING: RSBN LIVE STREAM: President Trump Rally in Anchorage, Alaska Today (Trump Speaks at 8pm Eastern)

The arena owner said this was a record gathering that won’t be beaten.

The five worst Presidents in history combined didn’t do the damage Biden has done in less than 2 years.

President Trump dropped an F-bomb when describing military officer sharing how to take out ISIS.  A few days later Trump gave the order.  A few weeks later 100% of ISIS was gone.  (Obama said ISIS would be around for a generation.)

President Trump also called out rank choice voting which is garbage.

My God the crowd was massive.  No way Biden won.

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