Liberals pounce on Nikki Haley over math-challenged tweet slamming high inflation under Biden

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Nikki Haley faced mockery and ridicule over a math-challenged tweet her account posted in an attempt to slam President Joe Biden for high inflation.

Haley posted the tweet on the Fourth of July.

“Remember last summer when Biden bragged about a $0.16 savings on your July 4th cookout? Well, this is what you’re spending on this 4th of July,” she tweeted, adding the hashtag “Bidenflation.”

While her sentiment on high inflation was shared by a majority of Americans, unfortunately the graphic she shared added up inflation statistics of various products, which doesn’t really make sense mathematically.

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She eventually deleted the tweet but screenshots were widely circulated on social media.

Other critics of Haley pounced on the opportunity to mock her.

“Clearly not corrupted by woke math,” quipped left-wing economist Paul Krugman.

“As a former math teacher, I am appalled that you don’t know common and simple mathematics,” read one popular response.

“Did you post the percentage increase on food from different industries and add them up like a dumba**?” read another tweet. “Learn Math before you post cringy propaganda.”

“Even my wife, who hates math w/ a passion, knows there’s something fuzzy about this math. And this was apparently actually posted by THE Nikki Haley, who also apparently quickly deleted it (but not before it was noticed). Always check your work, boys & girls!” read another mocking response.

“Here is another GQP Idiot, Niki the math does not work. You can’t add percentages Moron,” replied another critic.

Haley is seen as one of the possible primary challengers for Trump in 2024, but a recent poll shows she has much ground to make up before becoming a true contender. The poll of likely voters in New Hampshire found Trump statistically tied with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis while Haley languished with only 6% of support.

Here’s more about Nikki Haley:

Nikki Haley: This national self loathing is extremely harmful

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