Poll finds American opinions about gender are changing — but not in favor of far-left agenda

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The number of Americans who believe that gender is “assigned at birth” — contra the pro-transgender narrative — has grown in recent years, according to a new survey.

What are the details?

While pro-trans rhetoric has reached a fever pitch over the last several years, fewer Americans are buying into the idea that gender is unrelated to biological sex.

A new Pew Research survey — based on interviews with 10,188 U.S. adults in May 2022 — found that 60% of Americans believe gender “is determined by their sex assigned at birth.”

That is an increase from 56% in June 2021 and 54% in September 2017, which suggests that forcing Americans to accept the pro-trans narrative is backfiring.

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Still, the survey showed that nearly 8 in 10 American adults believe transgender people face discrimination, and a majority (64%) support laws that would protect transgender people from discrimination in jobs, housing, and public spaces.

Interestingly, the survey also showed that a majority of American adults (58%) support “proposals that would require transgender athletes to compete on teams that match the sex they were assigned at birth.” On the other hand, just 17% of Americans reject such proposals, while 24% told Pew Research they neither support nor oppose them.

More Americans also support laws prohibiting physicians from helping children undergo gender transition than oppose them (46% to 31%).

Did political affiliation make a difference?

Unsurprisingly, the results predictably fell down party lines.

From Pew Research:

Democrats and those who lean to the Democratic Party are more than four times as likely as Republicans and Republican leaners to say that a person’s gender can be different from the sex they were assigned at birth (61% vs. 13%). Democrats are also much more likely than Republicans to say our society hasn’t gone far enough in accepting people who are transgender (59% vs. 10%). For their part, 66% of Republicans say society has gone too far in accepting people who are transgender.

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