Telemundo Tries to Ease Biden’s Pain at The Pump

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Telemundo News went into full DNC public relations mode in their reporting about the skyrocketing gasoline prices across the nation, placing the blame, not on Biden or even Putin, but on the greedy oil companies, an irascible Congress, and triggered extremist groups that “capitalize on the anger of the people and turn it against the government.”

This propaganda passed as news aired during yesterday morning’s ´Hoy Día´ kaffeeklatsch, and rehashed during the network´s midday news edition. Although correspondent Arlety Gonzalez Chile did her best to position Biden as a president who works 24-7 (seen on screen strolling down a beach) whose miracle plan “would be just what the doctor ordered”, it was anchor Nacho Lozano who won the award for the most delusional reporter in Latino news. 



NACHO LOZANO: President Joe Biden is considering temporarily suspending federal fuel taxes in an effort, Nicole, to curb prices that have soared.

NICOLE SUÁREZ: But Nacho, for that White House plan to become a reality, it must have the approval of Congress. Arlety González Chile has more details. Arlety, good morning.  What can you tell us about it?

ARLETY GONZÁLEZ CHILE: Nicole, Nacho, good morning. In times like these where most drivers in this country are paying nearly $5/gal for regular gasoline, and over $6 in California, President Joe Biden’s plan would be just what the doctor ordered. It is important to mention that in some states such as New York, drivers are not paying fuel taxes, a measure that will go into effect in October here in Florida, and that now the president wants to implement at the federal level to help out everyone’s pocket.

Biden also confirmed that this week, members of his cabinet will meet with executives from the major oil companies.

JOE BIDEN: …and I want an explanation

GONZÁLEZ CHILE: from whom he expects an explanation of why they are not refining more oil, one of the reasons for the high costs of gasoline.

LOZANO: The president wants an explanation -the president said- and this is important, from the oil companies about why they’re not refining gasoline. Because they, the oil companies, are making money, huh, while you’re paying for the costs. The most serious thing is that this social rage over the rising costs, is a breeding ground for extremist groups that know how to capitalize on the anger of the people and turn it against the government with speeches, for example, against the administration, and for their benefit.

The key take-away from this shining example of the gross biases of the Hispanic newscasts is that we can expect the networks to continue to cover for Biden´s crashing economy and dismal poll numbers. 

It takes more than imagination to try and shift the attention from one disastrous policy after the other, and come up- as Lozano did – with a conspiracy theory pointing to “extremists” as the reason for the public outrage over out-of-control prices at the gas pump (and the supermarket, etc., etc., etc.). The real victim in Lozano’s rant is not consumers who continue to suffer at the pump- but Biden’s political prospects at the hands of “extremist groups that know how to capitalize on the anger of the people and turn it against the government with speeches, for example, against the administration, and for their benefit.” Lozano’s literal response was “Republicans Pounce”. 

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