Biden’s America: Millions of American Women Are Being Forced to Go on the Rag—Literally

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In addition:

The average cost of tampons has risen nearly 10 percent in the past year, according to a Bloomberg News report citing data from NielsenIQ.
Walgreens told The Post that it is dealing with “brand-specific shortages in certain geographies.” CVS Health said in a statement that there have been times in recent weeks when suppliers have been unable to fill orders for period products.

In Procter & Gamble’s April 20 earnings call, the consumer-goods corporation that makes Tampax said it has been difficult to source materials in sufficient quantities.

Oh, but don’t worry. Leftists have a solution: Women need to instead use re-usable products like mensural cups and—I kid you not—rags.

For those who are unable to purchase tampons or alternatives, Miller said, pads can be made using fabrics that are soft and absorbent, such as cotton or flannel.
“They could safely even use an old towel or maybe even a T-shirt and repurpose those by making several layers of that fabric itself and getting them to stick together or fold together,” she said.

Remember all the silly handmaid cosplayers who shrieked about Donald Trump sending women back to the Dark Ages because they might not be allowed to kill their own babies? Well, here we are in the Year of Our Lord 2022, and women are being told to put rags between their legs to mop up their period blood. Progress!

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Democrat Florida State Rep. Anna V. Eskamani, in an icky TMI tweet, offered some alternatives to tampons:

But don’t worry, the White House is all over this problem like blood on a menstrual rag:

If you can’t find tampons in your local CVS, you might want to stop by a men’s room:

By the way, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is getting roasted on Twitter today for pointing out this inconvenient truth.

(Twitter screenshot)

(That last one makes my head hurt.)

To summarize: Biden and the Democrats have been in control of all three branches of the U.S. government for a year and a half, and here’s what they’ve accomplished:

  • Record-high inflation
  • Food shortages
  • $5/gallon gas—much higher in some places
  • Baby formula and tampon shortages
  • A proxy war with Russia
  • Blackouts expected in “much of the U.S.” this summer
  • Parents being investigated for domestic terrorism because they don’t want school groomers talking to their kids about sex
  • Nationwide drag-queen story hours for innocent children
  • A crisis at our southern border, with unvetted migrants streaming across unabated
  • A nationwide crime surge thanks, in part, to the Democrats’ stupid policing policies
  • Record-high numbers of children and teens facing mental health crises
  • Abortion extremists being egged on as the administration turns a blind eye to the threats to crisis-pregnancy centers, Supreme Court justices, and conservative lawmakers

The list goes on and on. Many of the problems came as the direct result of Biden’s and the Democrats’ draconian COVID-19 policies. They refuse to take any responsibility for what they’ve done to us, and instead are focusing all their efforts on the Jan. 6 show trial.

I hate to say it, but this is going to get worse before it gets better. Don’t expect the Democrats to back down when they get shellacked in the midterms. They’ll double down like they always do and come up with even more insane policies to ruin the United States of America.

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