Biden to CEO of Jo-Ann Stores: “My Sympathies to the Family of Your CFO Who Dropped Dead Very Unexpectedly” (VIDEO)

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This was awkward.

Joe Biden on Thursday delivered remarks from the White House and signed the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022 in an effort to fix the supply chain issue he caused.

“I’ve said many times, tackling inflation is my number one priority,” Biden said from the State Dining Room.

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“It is time to get America’s supply chain rolling again,” he added.

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At one point Joe Biden rudely pointed to one of the guests at his speech and offered up sympathies to the family of a colleague who just “dropped dead.”

How presidential.

“My sympathies to the family of your… uhhh… CFO who dropped dead very unexpectedly,” Biden said to the CEO of Jo-Ann Stores.

Imagine the headlines if Trump said something like this.


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