Who’s responsible for empowering swaths of society to groom your children?

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In this episode of “Fearless,” Jason Whitlock and Shemeka Michelle discussed the topic of grooming and who is responsible for weaponizing sex and forcing it upon kids.

Whitlock explained how he was recently met with a perplexing question on Twitter about the difference between a cheerleader twerking on the sidelines at an NFL game and a drag queen dancing at a bar.

Without hesitation, Shemeka embraced her hypocrisy and refused to accept Jason’s line of thinking. Instead, she redirected her focus to her childhood. She recalled how her mother used to cover her eyes and shield Shemeka from seeing inappropriate images or adult behavior unfit for children. Shemeka’s story raised a broader question. When did parents stop censoring their children from adult behavior?

Perhaps our “do as you please” and Godless culture has desensitized society and paved the way for this emboldened grooming mentality that harms children?

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