The Kruiser Kabana Episode 184: Let Progressivism Destroy Progressivism

Political News

This episode was inspired by the delightful fact that progressives are incapable of not feeling aggrieved by everything.


After being greatly entertained by the internal drama at The Washington Post these past couple of weeks, I read something that said that kind of internecine squabbling is going on in a lot of progressive organizations right now. The source was very leftist, so it wasn’t a biased hit piece.

That got me thinking about what would happen if we just ignored them and let them have at each other.

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One thing I didn’t mention in the podcast is that’s basically how I deal with leftists on social media. I may give Twitter trolls a biting dig every now and then, but I mute ’em right away.

Let’s let these emotionally lacking simpletons destroy themselves from within while we enjoy the spectacle.

Anybody want a beer?


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