Movie Critics Are Too Afraid to Review Daily Wire Documentary ‘What Is a Woman?’

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The Daily Wire documentary What Is a Woman? features Matt Walsh talking to a variety of individuals on transgender ideology, including left-wing activists, academics, lawmakers, and doctors who specialize in transgender “health care.”

In the film, Walsh repeatedly asks the question, “What is a woman?” and is met with confused responses by various proponents of radical leftist gender theory. He exposes the circular logic offered by these leftists, before they ultimately deflect or even leave the interview. He also lays bare the cultist nature of trans ideology, which targets children who are then given dangerous drugs to stop puberty and even surgery that mutilates their bodies for no medically necessary reason.

It’s a disturbing documentary to watch. I saw the premiere a few hours after the Daily Wire was targeted by a DDoS attack aimed at preventing people from being able to see it.

What Is a Woman? is not easy to get through. It’s one thing to laugh at activists spouting nonsense, but it’s another thing entirely watching so-called doctors justify mutilating kids and pumping them full of experimental drugs. But it’s an important documentary because it exposes the dangers of the trans movement.

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In less than a week, the film has garnered over a thousand reviews and a 97% audience rating on the site Rotten Tomatoes.

Conservative critic Christian Toto reviewed the documentary. “It doesn’t matter where viewers stand on the issues explored in What Is a Woman?” Toto observes in his review. “If we can’t talk about the subjects, if just doing so puts us at some kind of risk, that’s a problem.”

He was more right than he knew when he wrote that; so far, he is the only Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic who has reviewed What Is a Woman?

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And that’s not for lack of trying. It turns out the Daily Wire tried to get reviewers to check it out and was met with a flurry of rejections as they flatly refused to watch it.

This, of course, begs the question: Why wouldn’t these reviewers simply watch the documentary and give it a terrible review? If they’re so confident that it’s “transphobic” garbage, there must be some left-wing reviewer brave enough to watch it so others don’t have to, and then simply write what they were going to write anyway — canned criticisms that the documentary was poorly done, lacks diverse viewpoints, and fails to achieve what it set out to do.

This, of course, would be completely incorrect. There are plenty of partisan documentaries out there. Michael Moore was famous for his partisan documentaries that distorted issues in order to validate his point of view. Some of these polemics “include” opposing views, but only do so nominally. But What Is a Woman? seeks out proponents of radical leftist gender theory and lets them beclown themselves.

It seems obvious why these reviewers were too afraid even to watch What Is a Woman? — as I said, it’s a difficult documentary to watch. And I can imagine it being particularly hard for proponents of radical leftist gender theory to see their own allies look stupid without any help from Walsh, aside from him asking simple questions anyone should be able to answer.

It should come as no surprise that there’s another highly-rated documentary lacking reviews from critics on Rotten Tomatoes: 2000 Mules.

You can tell a lot about the radical left by the issues they are too afraid to talk about.

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