Pizza Hut Features Book About “Drag Kids” Aimed at Children in Pre-Kindergarten

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Pizza Hut featured a book about “drag kids” as part of its reading incentive program aimed at children as young as pre-kindergarten.

A book about drag kids titled “Big Wig” was promoted to children as young as 4.

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The book celebrates little boys who perform for adults while dressed in wigs, heavy make-up and dresses.

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“When a child dresses in drag to compete in a neighborhood costume competition, he becomes B. B. Bedazzle! A key part of B.B. Bedazzle’s ensemble is a wig called Wig. Together they are an unstoppable drag queen team! But Wig feels inadequate compared to the other, bigger wigs. When Wig flies off B. B.’s head, she goes from kid to kid instilling confidence and inspiring dreams in those who wear her,” the book’s description read.

Photos from the book about “drag kids” promoted by Pizza Hut:

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