Proof That the Radical Left Is Beyond Parody

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If there’s anything we’ve learned from the Babylon Bee over the years, it’s that the radical left is beyond parody.

The Babylon Bee covers a variety of topics with its satirical stories with a conservative bent.  On a daily basis, I see several Babylon Bee headlines in my social media feeds that make me laugh out loud. Why? Because they’re silly and yet there’s a ring of truth to them. That’s why Big Tech has tried to censor the Babylon Bee many times.

Sometimes though, stories that are meant to be outlandish don’t just ring true–they are shockingly believable. There have been a number of times where I’ve read a Babylon Bee headline without realizing it was a Babylon Bee headline and taken it at face value because the left truly has become that crazy.

And there have been many times when the Babylon Bee’s satirical news stories have become true. In fact, it’s perhaps second only to The Simpsons with its uncanny ability to predict the future–and that’s only because The Simpsons has been around a lot longer.

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And they’ve compiled a list of all their jokes that have become true.

For example, first on the list was an October 2016 story called, “Captain America Rebooted As Feminist, Atheist, Transgender Hydra Agent.” This one came true on March 15, 2021, when Marvel’s newest version of Captain America was revealed to be an LGBTQ+ activist. This may not seem like a bold prediction today, but back in 2016 the Babylon Bee was prescient.

Next on the list was the Bee story “Merriam-Webster Updates Definition Of ‘Fascism’ To ‘Anything One Disagrees With” from April 2017. This came true in June 2020, when Merriam-Webster updated its definition of racism to include systemic racism. The dictionary publisher updated their definition in response to a woke college graduate who wrote to them requesting the update to accommodate her perspective when she got into arguments with people about what racism is. Voila! Merriam-Webster would beclown itself further when it once again updated the definition of racism to include “racial color blindness” because while racial color blindness typically means being free of racial prejudice, “it often suggests a failure or refusal to acknowledge or address the many racial inequities that exist in society, or to acknowledge important aspects of racial identity.”

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In other words, you’re racist even when you’re not racist.

There are a lot of great examples of the Babylon Bee being prophetic.

While this is hilarious, it is also disturbing at the same time. Some of the Babylon Bee’s predictions took a few years to be fulfilled. Others took weeks, some took just days. This shows you just how crazy the left has become. Stories written as jokes at their expense become true in mere days. On May 10, 2022, the Babylon Bee wrote the story “Mattel Unveils New Pregnant Ken Doll,” which fulfilled itself fifteen days later when we learned that Mattel was working on a design of the first-ever transgender Barbie Doll.

The Babylon Bee deserves a lot of credit for the prescience of its stories, but it’s also a sign of how unhinged the radical left has become. They’re almost becoming un-mockable because they have no shame and no moral compass.

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