Kamala Harris Bursts Out Laughing While Talking About California Droughts (VIDEO)

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Kamala Harris on Wednesday announced the Biden Regime’s plans to elevate water security as a foreign policy priority.

Biden Regime officials claim climate change is to blame for too much – or too little water.

How convenient.

Harris awkwardly laughed as she recalled the droughts of her childhood living in California.

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“And I remember watching in the Oakland hills in Northern California, the landscape turning from green to brown – and everyone, from my mother, to teachers, the radio DJs, KDIA hahahaha lucky 13 saying how important it was to conserve water,” Harris said cackling.

Why does she always do this?


Southern California water restriction take effect on Wednesday.

SoCal residents are under strict orders to reduce outdoor watering or face hefty fines and Kamala Harris thinks it’s funny.

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