NewsBusters Podcast: Forcing Corporations To Support Abortion

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Liberal media corporations seem eager to pressure other large corporations to speak out and financially support liberal crusades, especially for abortion.

Fast Company magazine created a section of their website headlined “The Business Case for Abortion Access: Why corporate silence on reproductive rights harms workers — and companies.”

Then they complained to CNN that Fox News was somehow making it sound negative that they were pressuring America’s largest companies to fund employee travel to other states for abortion and for open-throated advocacy of “abortion access.”

CBS Mornings has pushed two CEOs — from Bank of America and United Airlines – about providing travel money for abortions and for “speaking out” for the Left. Liberal media companies pressure every other company to tilt as much to the Left as they do.

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We talk this over with Associate Editor Kyle Drennen, and wish him well as he starts a new job next week at Fox News after 15 years with NewsBusters. Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen. Like, share, and download!

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