Amish man runs horse and buggy into police car after low speed chase. He was allegedly asleep with a Bud Light can next to him.

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An Amish man was arrested after he ran his horse and buggy into a police car and was allegedly found asleep next to a Bud Light can.

The incident unfolded in Orwell, Ohio, at about 2:30 in the morning on Saturday.

Police responded to emergency calls about a horse and buggy that was being driven erratically.

Video from the body camera of Ashtabula Sheriff Deputy Mike Talbert, the responding officer, was obtained by WKYC-TV.

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The video shows Talbert trying to get the horse and buggy to pull over.

“There is a Bud Light can sitting in there, and he’s passed cleaned out,” Talbert says on the video. “We got a drunk Amish guy passed out in a buggy.”

Some reports said the buggy was driving on the wrong side of the road.

“He just turned eastbound on Bogue, and I yelled at the guy when he rode by,” Talbert said at another point of the video. “There is a Bud Light can sitting in the damn buggy, and I hit the side of the buggy and hollered at the guy. He’s passed clean out. He’s slumped over.”

At one point, the officer tells dispatchers that he is able to stop the buggy, but he corrects himself soon after.

“I have it stopped. Nope, disregard. He just rammed it into my car,” Talbert said

The video shows the buggy hitting the police cruiser. The driver was ejected from the buggy in the collision.

The man was identified as Nathan Miller. He refused a field sobriety test, but he later registered a .063% on a breathalyzer.

Miller was arrested on a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. He also suffered a minor injury. The officer and the horse were uninjured.

Ashtabula Sheriff William Niemi said it was unusual to have that kind of traffic stop.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Man arrested after low speed buggy chase in Ashtabula County

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