14 State Populations Were Miscounted in 2020 Census – Overcounting Heavily Favored Democrats

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According to the Census Bureau, 14 state populations were significantly miscounted in the 2020 census.

The miscounting favored Democrats and likely cost the Republicans House seats.

The numbers were already used to allot House seats for the next 10 years.

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graphic courtesy of NPR

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6 (mostly red) states undercounted, according to NPR: Arkansas (5.04%), Florida (3.48%), Illinois (1.97%), Mississippi (4.11%), Tennessee (4.78%) and Texas (1.92%).

8 (mostly blue) states overcounted, according to NPR: Delaware (5.45%), Hawaii (6.79%), Massachusetts (2.24%), Minnesota (3.84%), New York (3.44%), Ohio (1.49%), Rhode Island (5.05%) and Utah (2.59%).

graph courtesy of NPR

Don’t expect this to be a scandal since the miscounting heavily favored Democrat states.

Click here to read NPR’s full report on the 2020 Census.

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