REPORT: BLM Co-Founder Used Donated Funds To Pay Millions To Family Members And Friends

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The Black Lives Matter organization is sitting on tens of millions of dollars and has come under scrutiny in recent weeks because they have failed to file the appropriate paperwork associated with a non-profit.

Now we are learning that co-founder Patrisse Cullors has used funds donated to BLM to pay millions of dollars to family and friends for various reasons.

This, combined with her home purchases, makes it look like BLM was nothing more than a massive grifter scheme.

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The Washington Free Beacon reports:

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This Is Why Black Lives Matter Thinks Tax Disclosures Are ‘Triggering’

The Black Lives Matter foundation has $42 million in net assets, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday. The foundation’s cofounder, self-proclaimed Marxist Patrisse Cullors, used the foundation’s money to pay millions of dollars to family members, friends, and the father of her child.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation in a 990 tax disclosure obtained by the AP reported that it “invested $32 million in stocks from the $90 million it received as donations” thanks to the 2020 race protests. It ended its last fiscal year with $42 million in net assets and has an operating budget of about $4 million.

Under Cullors’s direction, BLM paid out nearly $970,000 to a company owned by Damon Turner, who has a child with Cullors; more than $840,000 to a security firm run by Cullors’s brother; and more than $2.1 million to a consulting firm owned by close Cullors associate Shalomyah Bowers. Cullors admitted the foundation employed her mother and sister as well as her brother.

Cullors this year said just hearing about the 990 disclosure, which all nonprofits are required to fill out, is “triggering.” She said the form is “being literally weaponized against us” and made her feel “deeply unsafe.”

Wasn’t this money supposed to go to poor black communities?

Cullors has some explaining to do.

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