Here’s why the mainstream media HATED the ‘king of the manosphere’

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Masculinity is rare in the world today. While some find the patriarchal model offensive and anti-woman, others understand the value strong men bring to the table.

In the first of a two-part series, Jason examines the impact of popular YouTube creator
Kevin Samuels, the dapper and blunt relationship guru who died Thursday morning inside his Atlanta apartment at age 56.

Samuels attracted a massive YouTube and Instagram following dishing harsh dating advice primarily to black women. Jason considered Samuels the “king of the manosphere,” the collection of male content creators who support patriarchal values and oppose the feminist movement.

In Friday’s Part I, Jason talks with “Fearless” contributors Steve Kim and Shemeka Michelle about Samuel’s legacy and somewhat mysterious death. According to media reports, Samuels suffered a heart attack and died in the arms of a woman he met the night before at a bar. News outlets, particularly TMZ, were slow to report the details of Samuels’ death. Meanwhile, Samuels’ critics celebrated his passing on Twitter.

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Here’s Jason with his take. You can listen to the podcast here.

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