The Kruiser Kabana Episode 176: Hey Ugly Libs—Please Do Keep Your Masks On

Political News

Monday’s news about the federal transportation mask mandate getting nuked started my week off nicely. Sane people were relieved by the news, while the mentally unstable mask fetish freaks were beyond overwrought. I covered that at the top of Tuesday’s Morning Briefing.


I’m here to offer some comfort to the liberals who are worried that people will be dropping dead in airplane aisles now.

You can keep your dour, whiny, and pinched faces behind masks for as long as you like. Forever works for me.

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I really do care that much.

While the rest of us go back to America as we knew it, you can form your own dystopian hell hole mask fetish state. Put huge pictures of Anthony Fauci everywhere, just like they do with Dear Leader in North Korea.

Really, we’re not going to get in your way.


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