NewsBusters Podcast: What Leftists Can Say Without Fear of ‘Fact Checkers’

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The most sickening effect of the “independent fact checkers” is how they pounce on conservative hot takes and let the liberal smears and overwrought hyperbole go unchecked. So it was easy to compose a little list of recent leftist outbursts which we can guess will be completely skipped over by Snopes and Daniel Dale at CNN, ignored by Glenn Kessler at the WashPost and the partisans at PolitiFact.

For example, Jennifer Rubin of the Post recently wrote “If it weren’t for inflation, this president’s economic performance would be unmatched.” Ludicrous. And it will be untouched. Or Elie Mystal claiming Republicans are aiming to get Judge Ketanji Jackson killed.

To underline the silliness about the claims of “independence,” just take a look at the front page of “PunditFact,” an offshoot of PolitiFact. Of their 20 most recent fact checks of “pundits,” only TWO of them came from the Left. Seventeen came from the right, unless you count Tulsi Gabbard (on Fox News) complaining the networks sound like “state-run TV” on Ukraine.

Enjoy the podcast below or wherever you listen to podcasts:

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