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Admittedly, this should probably be called the (Almost) Monthly Distraction but I promise we’re back on track now. It’s fun to find things to write about that don’t involve masks, mandates, or — especially this — the fictional country of Canada.

We’ve got what could be described as a real head-scratcher here today.


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I happened upon this gem on Twitter last week and — as so often happens these days — had to triple-check that it wasn’t a satire site:

More from The Miami Herald:

A Mexican hangout where the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and Che Guevara plotted the Cuban revolution is the inspiration behind a New York City restaurant opening a location soon in Miami.

Miami is having a problem with this.

Ya think?

I frequently write about the “Coastal Media Bubbles” and some think I’m exaggerating about just how insulated leftists in New York and Los Angeles are. On the rare occasions when they leave those bubbles they are the closest things to intergalactic alien visitors we’ve yet to experience.

This story showcases both the overwhelming arrogance of New Yorkers and the ahistorical romanticizing of the mass murderer Che Guevara by American leftists. The restaurateur no doubt believed that the mere fact that the original version of Café Habana was in a NEW YORK DINER would make the rubes in the hinterlands flock to its new incarnation.

The Che thing is infuriating. Detached, ignorant American progressives have turned the commie into a folk hero when in fact he is one of the worst people in human history. Fidel Castro too. Prominent Democrats regularly lauded Castro while he was alive.

Anyone with an IQ over ten knows that the Cubans in Miami fled the results of the revolution that Che and Castro plotted.

A New York liberal thinks it’s a quaint idea for a place to sell sandwiches.

Another commie taking full advantage of capitalism.

Good luck with that in Miami.

Question Time

Jennifer asks: “A quick AMA question: How late do you stay up working on the Morning Briefing, and what time do you file it?

On average, I would say that I work until about 2 AM my time (currently MST) working on it. I got a little sloppy with that at the end of last year and was posting it around 5 AM my time, which is ridiculous. In reality, I could get it all wrapped up around midnight. It sometimes takes me forever to figure out what to lead with. It feels like there have only been slight variations on the same three news stories for over a year. I have a pretty good vocabulary but I’m nigh on running out of ways to say “Biden’s a booger-eater.”

Thanks for the question!

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