15-Year-Old Kid is Fighting For His Life After Collapsing During a Basketball Game (VIDEO)

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A 15-year-old first-year student is still fighting for his life after collapsing during a basketball game last Saturday at Brooks School in North Andover.

According to a Boston report, Preston Settles, who plays hockey, football, soccer, and lacrosse, complained to one of his teammates during a basketball game that his heart feels like it’s spasming.

Settles’ parents were present when the incident happened. They were to see him play in a basketball game.

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Settle fainted on the gymnasium floor and suffered some sort of seizure.

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“It was not in our wildest imagination that something like this would happen,” Darryl Settles told CBS Boston. “There was absolutely no response, and then he just stopped breathing,” he added. According to CBS,  the young man had gone into cardiac arrest.

People who witnessed the incident rushed at Settle’s body and performed CPR until the emergency crew arrived. He was rushed to Lawrence General Hospital where he was intubated for an hour and with an automatic CPR machine. At the time, Settle had no heartbeat.

More from CBS Boston:

The attendant came in and said his heartbeat is back! We’re going to MedFlight him out of here.”

That’s when he landed at Tufts Medical Center. “His oxygen saturation was 25%, and we rarely see a patient survive an oxygen percent of below 50,” said Dr. Haval Chweich, who was on duty that night in the ICU.

In an unusual move, doctors put Preston on a machine that keeps his heart and lungs functioning. They say his progress in the last week is miraculous, but they also say he has a long road ahead.

“There are certain predisposing factors which they had no idea about, which we think we have a better idea about, that we’re going to be investigating, about structural problems with the heart,” said Dr. Carey Kimmelstiel, a cardiologist who’s been treating him.

Preston’s parents say signs of love like the drawings and messages hanging all over his hospital room, and visits from friends, do something even a medical miracle cannot. “We definitely think it’s getting to him, lifting him up, and pushing him forward,” said Owens. “So if there are people out there who can pray and fight for Preston, we need all of it.”

Earlier this week, TGP has reported about a 15-year-old high school basketball player from Alto, Texas, and a 17-year-old basketball player in Chicago, Illinois both died on Tuesday night after collapsing during a basketball game.

You can read the rest of the story here: Texas Sophomore and Illinois Senior High School Students Tragically Pass Away After Collapsing During Basketball Games on Same Night (VIDEO)

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