Queerness Is Not ‘under Siege’ in Florida Classrooms


(File photo: Andrew Kelly/Reuters)
Rebutting the hysteria over Florida bills on children’s education


epublican legislators in Florida have introduced a pair of parental-rights-in-education bills that create greater curriculum transparency and allow parents to review and object to age-inappropriate content. Naturally, Democrats and the media are outraged. President Biden condemned the legislation as “hateful” in a tweet. Chasten Buttigieg, the husband of U.S. transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, tweeted at Florida governor Ron DeSantis that the proposed legislation “will kill kids.” Buttigieg claims that LGBTQ youth “won’t be able to talk to their teachers” and “will be pushed back into the closet” if the bills become law.

The media have amplified his baseless claims. Axios Tampa

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