Yes, It’s CRT, and the Education Blob Won’t Stop Using It

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When parents and others who care about the integrity of our schools speak up against teaching the false and divisive notions of critical race theory, the education blob responds with evasions and denials. They say that CRT is only taught in law schools (as if it was appropriate there), but not K-12.

Here is a piece proving the contrary: “Twenty-one days to brainwash your child.”

Writer Conn Carroll concludes: “Yes, this is actually being taught in schools. So don’t let anyone tell you that critical race theory isn’t in classrooms or that it is only being used as a way to debate certain topics. That’s just plain false. Activists are using critical race theory in classrooms not just to teach your child to judge everyone by the color of their skin, but also to do so without thinking — to do so by habit. If that isn’t brainwashing, we don’t know what is.”

Hat tip: Manny Klausner

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