Los Angeles mayor’s staffer called ‘lefties’ and BLM ‘annoying’ in leaked email

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Black Lives Matter activists are calling for the resignation of the strategic advisor for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti over leaked emails that showed her irritation with the organization and with “lefties.”

The private emails from 2016 and 2017 were obtained by Vice News and contained messages from Ana Guerrero, who worked as chief of staff in the mayor’s office at the time.

“I am getting annoyed with all the lefties … Not as annoyed as BLM but getting close,” Guerrero reportedly wrote in one email.

Vice said another email disputed the meaning of “structural racism,” a phrase referring to forms of discrimination that are inherently present in society.

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Guerrero had been let go as chief of staff but was later rehired as a strategic advisor to Garcetti.

The mayor’s office responded to the controversy in a statement provided to Vice News.

“This is one of the most emotionally charged and sensitive issues we face, and there have been painful moments of disagreement that have included situations where our staff were verbally attacked in person and online while doing their jobs,” read the statement.

“If there are comments that shouldn’t have been made by current staff,” the statement continued, “we will address those internally, and we will continue pushing forward with bold action to make LA more just and equitable for everyone.”

The official account for Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles responded to the leaked emails in a tweet.

“This is about how that translated into policies and behaviors that brought harm,” they wrote, “including sicking LAPD on protestors more than 80 times.”

Garcetti has been recently nominated by President Joe Biden to the ambassadorship to India.

Here’s a local news report about the leaked emails:

Leaked emails show Garcetti staffer calling BLM ‘annoying’: Report


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