Suspect who allegedly gunned down 19-year-old Burger King worker in cold blood demands reparations

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The suspect accused of brutally gunning down a Burger King cashier in Harlem last week is demanding reparations for slavery.

What is the background?

Winston Glynn is accused of murdering 19-year-old Kristal Bayron-Nieves, an employee at a Burger King restaurant in East Harlem.

Police say Glynn stormed into the fast food eatery early on Jan. 9, attacking the manager and another customer. Glynn allegedly stole $100 from a cash register, but demanded that Bayron-Nieves hand over more cash. Unfortunately, the she did not have the key to open the cash drawer. Police say the young women begged for her life, but accuse Glynn of firing one shot and killing Bayron-Nieves.

“We often hear the term a senseless murder,” NYPD Chief of Department Kenneth Corey said. “That is not a cliché in this case. There was no reason to shoot this young woman. Money had been handed over. She was trying to comply with the gunman’s demands. She was killed for no apparent reason.”

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What happened now?

While being led out of the East Harlem police station on Friday, Glynn demanded reparations and screamed obscenities at a nearby crowd.

“Where’s our reparations for 400 years of f***ing slavery!” the suspect yelled.

Video also showed Glynn scream, “F**k you all!” and “America is gonna burn,” the New York Post reported.

Content Warning: This video contains strong language:

RAW: Walk of suspect in Burger King murder

People in the crowd were heard calling Glynn a “piece of s***,” “garbage,” a “f***ing scumbag,” and “basura,” the Spanish word for “garbage.”

Anything else?

Tragically, Bayron-Nieves had begun working at the Burger King restaurant only three weeks before her murder, and she had already requested to be moved from the late-night shift because she was scared, the New York Post reported.

The family held a memorial on Saturday, where her mother demanded justice. “The only thing I want is justice for my daughter,” Kristie Nieves said.

The family reportedly moved to New York after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017.

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