NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Stelter Suddenly Discovers Chris Cuomo’s an Ethical Mess

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The end of the Chris Cuomo era is the top story on the NewsBusters Podcast. Only after Chris Cuomo was suddenly fired over the weekend did CNN’s Brian Stelter discover — hey, wait a minute — Cuomo had crossed an ethical line “many times,” that there were “so many headaches here, so many journalistic fouls.”

Then Stelter presided as his guest David Zurawik touted Cuomo as a wonderful “talent” and “performer” who did a “terrific job” and was “competitive” in the ratings. Cue the laugh track! 

The only thing more ridiculous was Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank claiming he had proof the media were rougher on Biden than on Trump. Stelter entertained this pseudo-study done by pushing 200,000 stories through some vaguely described algorithm and “sentiment analysis.” As if a machine can do “sentiment analysis.” We at the MRC obviously feel that the tilt of media should be analyzed by actually looking at each article with human eyes. 

Enjoy this feisty podcast below, or wherever you enjoy your podcasts. 

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