The Trans Movement Only Survives by Bullying

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Does anyone look at Rachel Levine and really think he’s no different than a biological woman?

It is true that the trans movement has become so pervasive, and dare I say “trendy,” that things that would have seemed like absurd parody twelve years ago are becoming a reality. Under the banner of “gender equity,” for example, biological males are competing against women in various sports in greater numbers than ever. In high school track, boys are crushing their female competition. Some call it fairness, but plenty don’t. In mixed martial arts, men are literally beating women into a bloody pulp. Some say it’s brave for a transgender woman to fight with women; others are rightly horrified.

Not only are men crushing women in sports, they are also beating women at being women. After coming out as transgender, Bruce Jenner was named “woman of the year” by Glamour. This summer, a man was crowned Miss Nevada USA.

The trans movement isn’t just enabling men to compete against women; it’s also trying to redefine how we understand sex, gender, and biology. A couple of years ago, the ACLU demanded that tampons be offered in men’s bathrooms because, they say, some men menstruate. Earlier this year, CNN declared that “biological sex” is a disputed term. “​It’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth, and there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth,” claimed CNN news reporter Devan Cole.

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This summer, the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine issued new recommendations for gender-inclusive language like “chestfeeding,” “human milk feeding,” and “parent’s milk,” because, they say, “not all people who give birth and lactate identify as female.” In September, the British medical journal The Lancet referred to women as “bodies with vaginas.”

All of this transgender propaganda is getting harder and harder to avoid. Word is that a pregnant man emoji will soon be coming to smartphones. Unfortunately, protecting our children from this nonsense is also becoming nearly impossible, as transgender indoctrination is being incorporated into the storylines of children’s shows.

Despite the vast movement to normalize transgender ideology, I honestly believe that even those who are pushing this insanity on the rest of us don’t really buy it.

For example, The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg is a transgender rights activist and the executive producer of a show featuring transgender models. Yet, this week, in a rant against the Supreme Court, which is currently hearing a consequential case on abortion rights, Whoopi demanded, “Do any of you men have any eggs or the possibility of carrying a fetus? How dare you talk about what a fetus wants! You have no idea.”

Perhaps the most interesting part of the above clip isn’t what Goldberg said but that her remarks were met with applause.

Not only did Goldberg, a transgender rights activist, acknowledge the biological reality that only women can get pregnant, but the entire audience appeared to agree with her. So, despite being an activist for the trans movement, deep down, Goldberg clearly understands and acknowledges the biological reality that men are men, women are women, and nothing can change that.

But the radical left fancies itself to be anti-bigots, and not buying into the trans movement puts you at risk of being labeled a bigot and a transphobe. Just ask J.K. Rowling, whose decision to stand up for biological women is actually so controversial that she is not only being canceled by the left but is also getting death threats.

The transgender movement would fade away and remain on the fringes without this kind of bullying. Instead, the fear of being dubbed a bigot and a transphobe compels many to perpetuate the insane notion that people can change genders. Only bullying is causing transgender ideology to be forced into the mainstream.

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