The Mob Comes After Brett Kavanaugh Again


ShutDownDC protesters assemble in Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s neighborhood. (Nic Rowan)
Protesters raged against ‘white, cis, het men’ outside his home.

Chevy Chase, Md. — Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s residence is surprisingly modest, given his neighborhood’s tony reputation. The house where he, his wife, and their two daughters live is a well-kept Cape Cod dressed head to toe in white wood siding. There’s a small porch off to the side which is surrounded by manicured hedges. Brick stairs trimmed with ivy lead down to the street.

It’s Monday night. All of the lights are on, but none of the Kavanaughs are home. I can’t blame them. Just outside their house, about 150 protesters, summoned by a group called ShutDownDC, are chanting, waving obscene …

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