California gubernatorial recall election candidate Larry Elder accused of being ‘a soldier for white supremacy’

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In an opinion piece published by theGrio, writer and podcaster Touré asserts that conservative talk radio host Larry Elder, who is currently running in California’s gubernatorial recall election, is a “a soldier for white supremacy.”

Touré says that the candidate “is, like so many Republicans, espousing a heartless, anti-Black agenda that would be devastating for millions of Black people,” and the “agenda relies on the notion that Black people are lazy and without character and that the poor’s biggest problem is help from the state.”

If elected, Elder would become the Golden State’s first black governor.

Here’s more from Touré’s piece published on theGrio:

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Elder is a soldier for white supremacy. He’s providing cover for racists, using his skin to deflect charges that they are racist. He’s helping racists seem less racist as they push ideas that would be devastating to Black people — and are built on lies about Black people. When people tell you that Black people cannot be racist, tell them that they are wrong. Black people like Larry Elder are the voice of racist ideas, they are helping racists do their work, and therefore they too are racist.

For so many people being racist means saying or doing things that are based around racial bias but that puts white and Black microaggressions on an equal plane. When I talk about racism I’m talking about white supremacy and the system that produces and perpetuates the systems that hold Black people back and make white skin into a privilege. White people don’t need to be racist in order to benefit from white privilege and Black people can do things that aid white supremacy and the systems that are built around it. If Black people give material aid to white supremacy then they are performing racist actions.

Larry Elder is one of those Blacks whose work is purposely and immensely beneficial to white supremacy. He is helping white supremacy thrive by giving comfort to racists and helping them place the blame for poverty on Black people rather than generations of systems and policies that have abandoned them.

While many candidates are vying for the opportunity to replace California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Elder has emerged as the top contender to secure the job in the event that voters choose to oust Newsom.

The election is on Tuesday Sept. 14, but some people have already voted, including Elder who cast his vote early in-person last week. A vote-by-mail ballot was supposed to be sent to every active registered voter, according to the California secretary of state’s website.

On the ballot, voters will indicate whether or not they want Newsom recalled, and he will be kicked out of office if a majority of the votes support removing him. If Newsom is recalled, the replacement candidate with the most votes will become the state’s new governor.

Polling appears to indicate that Gavin Newsom will be able to weather the recall effort and remain in office.

In 2003 California voters successfully recalled Democratic Gov. Gray Davis and replaced him with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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