Clown Show: Adam Schiff Pretends to Cry During January 6 Hearing, “God Help Us” (VIDEO)

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And the Academy Award goes to….

The January 6 Select Committee is underway and it’s a total clown show.

RINO loser Liz Cheney attacked Trump’s White House during her opening statement.

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Weirdo RINO Rep. Kinzinger started crying like a baby during the “January 6 Select Committee” hearing.

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Now this…

Russian collusion truther and serial liar Adam Schiff got choked up and could barely speak on Tuesday during the hearing.

“If we’re no longer committed to a peaceful transfer of power after elections if our side doesn’t win, then God help us. If we deem elections illegitimate merely because they didn’t go our way … then God help us.”

Says the impeachment ringleader who spent years lying about Trump-Russia collusion.


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