Biden Gang Will Rely on Foreigners to Decide Which Individuals and Groups Are Granted Asylum in the US

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You can’t make this stuff up.  The Biden/Obama gang is going to rely on foreigners to decide which individuals and groups are granted asylum in the US.

Just the News reported on the entities who will determine which individuals and groups are allowed to live in the US and which are not:

The White House has asked six humanitarian groups to help with the immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The names of the organizations have not been publicly revealed except for the International Rescue Committee.

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However, the others include London-based Save the Children; two U.S.-based organizations, HIAS and Kids in Need of Defense; and two Mexico-based organizations, Asylum Access and the Institute for Women in Migration, according to the Associated Press.

The organizations are reportedly being asked to help decide which individuals and families are granted asylum. There have already been nearly 800 cases admitted since May 3.

The Associated Press reported:

Critics of the new selection processes say too much power is vested in a small number of organizations and that the efforts are secretive without a clear explanation of how the groups were chosen. Critics also say there are no assurances that the most vulnerable or deserving migrants will be chosen to seek asylum.

The consortium was formed after the U.S. government asked the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees’ office in Mexico for the names of organizations with deep experience and capacity in Mexico, said Sibylla Brodzinsky, a U.N. office spokeswoman.

The Board and Advisors of the International Rescue Committee include former Obama US Secretary to the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, who was a tax cheat and yet given the post by Obama.

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Why is the Obama/Biden gang relying on foreign entities to decide who is able to live in the US?

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