‘Hate, Ignorance, Apathy:’ ‘Batwoman’ Begins Brutal BLM Storyline

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It’s clear at this point that CW’s Batwoman’s mission is not to fight crime but to fight the police. We’re up to now four episodes condemning the police system, and this one may be the most brutal yet.

The May 16 episode “And Justice For All” opens with our heroes taking part in a local fundraiser. This being Batwoman, however, it’s spoiled by the stereotypical evil white cops who come in for a “noise complaint.” Things quickly go downhill because the series believes white police officers desperately want to arrest “a bunch of black and brown folks dancing.”

Imani: Welcome, officers. Can I help you?

Officer 1: Got a call about a noise complaint. What is this?

Imani: It’s a fundraiser for the Sheldon Park Community Center.

Officer 1: Explains it.

Imani: Explains what?

Officer 1: Why you people are so loud.

Imani: Heh. “You people”?

Officer 1: Need to see a permit for the noise.

Ryan: I’m the manager. Is there a problem?

Imani: They want a permit.

Ryan: We don’t have a permit. It’s a bar. We’re allowed to be open.

Officer 1: Not according to her. It’s a fundraiser. So if you don’t have the proper paperwork, you got two choices. You can shut it down, or you can pay a $2,500 fine and a mark on your liquor license.

Ryan: Really? This is Gotham freaking City. There isn’t a bigger crime happening right now besides a bunch of black and brown folks dancing to pop hits?

Luke: Ok. Uh, officers, it’s not a big deal. We are more than willing to turn the music down, so—

Ryan: We don’t have to turn anything down. The music has been the same level it always has been.

Luke: And we apologize for that, Ryan. Ok. So. We’re fine. We’re cool. Thank you.

Ryan: Screw that, Luke. They came in here trying to start stuff because God forbid too many of us gather together in one place.

Officer 2: I need you to come down—

Ryan: Don’t touch me! What are you doing?

Luke: Hey!

Ryan: Get off of me! Stop it!

Imani: Stop! My God! Stop!

Officer 1: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, then one will be appointed for you by the court.

Soon afterwards, Ryan (Javicia Leslie) and Luke (Camrus Johnson) are also joined in their jail cell by Crows private security officer Sophie (Meagan Tandy). Despite her position, she is arrested for aggressively confronting the officers, though the episode clearly wants us to believe it’s because she’s the third black member of the cast. It also wants us to group private security officers with the police for some reason, so prestige TV this isn’t.

For what it’s worth, Sophie initially defends her position in law enforcement stating, “I want to show little black girls that they can go to top-tier schools and stand up to bullies and be trusted to make life-and-death decisions.” Of course, that lasts all of twenty-five minutes when, after their release, Sophie decides to quit her job, mourning, “Hate, ignorance, apathy– it’s bigger than me.” Ryan then congratulates her for joining “the good guys.”

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But that pales in comparison to the final few minutes of this hour. After being set free, Luke comes across a white male carjacker who was also released that day. Almost immediately, the man is back to stealing another car when he’s confronted by both Luke and a Crows officer. Considering the carjacker is white and Luke is black, there’s obviously only one outcome from this: Luke being shot.

Luke: Whoa. No way.

Mary: What?

Luke: He really is a car thief.

Mary: Who?

Luke: Oh. Eli I think is name was. We met in the holding cell, and he is full on jacking a car right now.

Mary: Get out of there and call 911.

Luke: Nah. I got this. I’ll call you back. Yo, Eli.

Eli: How do you know my name?

Luke: Dude from jail. “Power to the people.”

Eli: Right. Get lost. Don’t need heat.

Luke: Look. I’m not letting you do this. Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey. Eli, knock it off. Hey, Eli. Stop.

Eli: Do yourself a favor. Don’t make me your problem.

Tavaroff: What the hell’s going on?

Luke: Ok. Look—

Eli: Sir, this man is trying to steal a car.

Luke: Whoa!

Eli: And now he’s attacking me.

Luke: Whoa, whoa! No! Ok. This guy is a known car thief. His name is E– Eli something, and I’m trying to stop him. You know what? I have photographic evidence.

Tavaroff: Gun!

The next episode promises to dive into this budding Black Lives Matter moment, but back in reality, we have to acknowledge the truth. Contrary to what this show believes, black people are not routinely shot or arrested for simply being black or pulling out cell phones. This show can make up whatever anti-police story it wants, but it can’t change facts. Unfortunately, this will probably not be the last time I have to say that this season.

This show was sponsored with commercials from Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Downy.

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  1. Black guy here!!! Personally I am sick of all this. We all know SOME police officers are worthless but the majority live by the badge and risk their lives each day for us. ”The police”, like people who comment her tend to say the Blacks, is all the same. Not all Blacks and not all police are an issue. The problem for me is I love the super hero stuff and soon as you get into the story something comes up about white people or police. Again, I get it but I would love to enjoy a series without all the gayness, race baiting and what ever else they want to throw at us. Same for Black Lightning. I nearly showed it’s ugly head in The Falcon and the Winter soldier when Sam and Bucky were stopped by police. Once again, there are issues that need to be fixed. First, pay the officers what they deserve and don’t allow just anyone to serve which is part of the problem I think. Pls correct me if I am wrong. I do feel things will be ok but I am afraid news outlets making people feel like this is a huge issue and I should be afraid to go outside because I am black per CNN and then here comes fox that acts like everything is roses. Not all bad and not all good but we have the power to change it and that is treating people with fairness. I have been stopped by the police twice and treated very positive. I think people should see the officer as a person just performing his job then like Office Chauvin, if I spelled that right. He is one out of probably 1000 police officers that crossed the line. That does not make police bad. And to the author of this column, it is your duty to show bipartisan respect for all people including minority fears of police. That also goes for the creators of tv and film to show the same respect. One last thing, I don’t feel the other officers with Chauvin should have to pay for his crimes. They insisted that he was at fault but remember people, If things went Chauvin’s way they could have been fired for not following orders. The job is very tough. In the military, we were told to follow all commands unless unlawful so maybe the other officers should have jumped in or not. I’m not sure but I am sure that the majority of police are good people. Just like me, a black man. Respect us all which includes you!!!!! Conservative for life!!!!!

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