Biden Pulls ALL US TROOPS From Israel – Exposing Ally to Jihadists and Regime in Tehran

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It took the jihadists less than four months to start a new war with Israel after Joe Biden entered office.

Hamas has fired over 1,500 rockets into Israel the last three days.

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The Biden administration pulled all US troops from Israel today as the country continues to come under assault.

Who does this help? Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Iranian regime

The Daily Caller reported:

The United States withdrew 120 military personnel from Israel and is warning Americans against traveling to the region due to escalating violence in the conflict between Israel and Palestinian territory controlled by the militant group Hamas.

Defense Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters during a press briefing Thursday that the military personnel were from U.S. Central Command and European Command. They were flown out on a C-17 military transport jet to Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

“We made this decision to remove these individuals in coordination with our Israeli counterparts,” Kirby said. He added that some personnel were in Israel ahead of a planned bilateral event, but were withdrawn in response to escalating violence.

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  1. Biden lies, innocent people die, the Democratic dream. Demi figure if they kill off all who don’t think like them, they will be in heaven. All they due is create a living hell for all who don’t see their way.
    The leaders of the Democratic party, hate the United States of America to the point of canceling it to be Globalist thinking they will be the world power. They all need to be tried for treason and failure to uphold the oath of office they took, for they LIED!!!!!

    1. I thought biden was out to destroy the United States, I was partially wrong ……
      He’s out to destroy the free world.

  2. Turn your back on Israel and you turn your back on God. Turn your back on God and you will roast in Hell. Will be glad to help send them there

  3. Did Biden’s giving money to countries/people in the middle east finance this recent escalation of war?

  4. I agree Biden & democrats turning their back on Israel is like turning their back on God and God will make them pay for it. They should all burn in hell, i also believe they should be tried for treason for failure to uphold the oath of office.

  5. biden really is trying to start WWIII. This man has done more damage in the first 4 months of his administration, than the past 20 Presidents. His handlers are allowing him to cause more chaos than I though possible, before getting him out of office. Once he’s done enough damage, then they’ll use amendment 25, or corruption impeachment against him. Meantime they sit back and laugh at the revengeful actions, and destruction he’s causing. They are the ones who should be called out. biden doesn’t know what’s going on half the time anyway

  6. Why are we, as citizens, allowing our POTUS do DO this TO an ally? There are millions of Jewish folks here, and Israel is their holy land. It was set out for them after the ATROCITIES of HITLER to wipe them off the face of the earth.

    We need to get Biden out. He does NOT represent the PEOPLE!

    1. His state of mind is irrelevant! The Deep State is pulling the strings on the Xiden Puppet!

  7. At the end of time, Israel still exists. The United States doesn’t seem to survive till then.

  8. The Biden administration is like the Obozo administration on steroids. Now that Obozo is behind the scenes he has instructed his puppet Joke Biden to accelerate his Marxist anti-American agenda. If we survive this administration it will be a miracle. My guess is we either end up in a civil war or we end up enslaved by a bunch of morons who have no clue in how to actually make things work. I hope I’m wrong.

  9. If the wicked demonic entity residing in Creepy Joe were to be “exorcised”, he would drop on the spot into a twisted bag of biological jello and be no more. The last election was clearly stolen by a Cabal of crooked criminal progressive socialist leftists that clearly have an agenda and Ole Joe is just a brainless (literally) front-man for this completely demonic enterprise. Buckle up folks, its going to be a long bumpy ride before the ones that want to change this country back to what the founders wanted, so that truth and justice can “Begin” to turn this ship back around….

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