Are White Americans Facing Discrimination?

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Are white Americans being discriminated against? Some might be aghast at the idea that one might have such a thought, and, considering the historic discrimination that people of color have endured throughout American history, some might dismiss the thought as a foregone conclusion. However, I challenge those people to think about this idea newly. An increasing number of white Americans feel that they are being discriminated against. “Reverse racism,” as highlighted by researchers at Tufts University, reveals that America isn’t living in a “post-racial” society.

Despite the outcry from many members of the public and their political allies regarding our society’s horrid obsession with race, many still regard race as a critical way to classify others. Yet, many white Americans feel that the tide has shifted in the American consciousness whereby anti-black was formerly the mainstream, and now the mainstream is anti-white.

To those who just read that sentence and are nodding their heads in support, I ask you to reconsider. Retributive racism will only cause an endless cycle of back-and-forth hatred and further degrade our society.

Racism, America’s original sin, continues to plague America from making true progress as a united nation, free of racial division and bias. Just as one group appears to be making significant progress, another finds itself moving backward.

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The cause of this, I believe, is that many have a distorted version of racism. That is, rather than viewing racism as judging others by the color of their skin, racism has been modified to be about power dynamics; the powerful class is the only class that can be racist and less powerful classes cannot.

In practice, that means white people cannot say things about colored people that colored people can say about white people, no matter how vile and racist the statement may be. Without needing to conduct a poll, I say (or rather hope) that most Americans would agree that one should be judged by the content of their character as opposed to the color of their skin.

Yet, despite our nation’s exceptional praise for the late Rev. Dr. Martin L. King Jr., it seldom happens that we practice what we preach. After all, if King truly believed racism to be class-based rather than race-based, his “dream” would have been that people be judged their class, rather than the color of their skin.

Race does not exist in any discernible way outside of the power we give it. At the most basic biological level, race has no significance in the actions of men, and yet we continue to use race to divide men into groups, a misguided practice that has had severe consequences since our great country’s inception.

A joint survey from National Public Radio and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that “more than half of whites—55%—surveyed say that, generally speaking, they believe there is discrimination against white people in America today.”

These feelings breed a sense of resentment, anger and distrust that leads to further division and distrust between Americans of all races and all classes. The question that all Americans must pose to themselves is the length by which this divided house can endure, for a house divided cannot stand. The United States must rid itself of racism if it is to remain a dominant and prosperous nation; otherwise, our focus will remain on race and not what matters.

It is as if the sins of our forefathers and slavery have come full circle. Many white Americans are beginning to feel that being white is a negative thing. This subjective feeling has taken an objective stance in the hiring field, where many companies are overtly advertising positions, and choosing employees for positions, based on their race. It is easy to see the irony in this: that hiring—or not—someone based on the color of their skin is the very definition of racism.

I cannot help but envision our true potential as a nation if we defeat America’s original sin of racism. If we work together and form a united front, then we can combat poverty, crime, and poor education while encouraging innovation and economic opportunities that would benefit every American.

I can only hope that we leave race behind to focus on what really matters: each other.  


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  1. Yes there is and then ya have all those idiot white people calling white people racist. What is happeneing to America.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. The majority of the people calling us racist are the same color. We might have to come up with a new name for this one!

    2. Caucasian people have been discriminated against for the past 40 years! The blacks are assholes!

    3. White people calling white people racist are Democrat and Leftist Useful Idiot’s! They are the same idiots who voted for Joe Biden after he stated he would raise Taxes and end jobs. They also voted Obama in twice. They have been and continue to be very useful idiots!!!
      When you support a traitor you yourself are a traitor. These are idiotic traitors!!!

  2. I do not know about the rest of the white people in this country but I have had enough of this knee-grow crap. I am ready for the next civil war.

    1. It is getting to the point that everywhere you look its like they are trying to bend over backwards to put people of color in the spotlight to prove they are not discriminating and I didn’t pay much attention till I was watching Americas Funniest Videos last week and I really don’t like the black host but not because he is black he is just annoying but the videos are funny but at the end of the show they pick 3 videos to compete for the $10,000. Two were white videos and one was kinda so so and the other one with a girl who had a tooth extracted was hillarous and the third one with 2 black guys was so stupid and they won the $10,000 thats when I realized it was fixed because they were so stupid someone had to make sure the black guys won and probable the host made that choice.

    2. It has been the norm since 1964.
      If you acknowledged it as fact, you were denigrated as a racist.
      Goals 200 was affirmative action on steroids. The trend has continued to accelerate.

  3. I agree with MikefromTexas but wi8ll add my 2¢ to the mix All this BS is POLITICAL and in case anyone isn’t aware EVERYTHING is POLITICAL.

    With that said, I will not apologize for being born with white skin. I will not apologize for being a Christian. I will not apologize for supporting Family values AND I will not apologize for being a PATRIOTIC CONSERVATIVE that supports our constitution and the rule of law!!

    I personally do not attack anyone else’s race, beliefs, or what they do in their lives as long as they do not break laws, harm other people or impose their beliefs on others under the guise of Political Correctness using government force.

    I am sick and tired of being assailed for any of the above, and will proudly continue to be who and what I am. FYI there are millions like me so you might want to adjust your own attitude, as I change for no one!!!

    Political Correctness is a manipulative tool employed by the left for centralizing power to end all debate on all subjects frowned upon by the one dimensional regressive LIEberal left!! That way they needn’t have to have the means to defend their agenda just employ the standard deflective tools ingrained in the vacuum between their ears!!

    Political Correctness has the power to dictate one’s policies onto everyone else!!

    Political Correctness is meant to silence those who disagree with one dimensional regressive hypocritical politically correct socialist-communist LIEberal doctrine/tenet!!

    Politically correct language… is designed to make abominable actions (being QUEER) acceptable, lies sound truthful, murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to hot air. Pure wind.

    Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

    Political Correctness is America’s newest form of intolerance, and it is especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance

    Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be Manners

    Political Correctness is the art of employing euphemisms, lies, emotionalism, and fear mongering to dupe people into accepting or even demanding their own enslavement!!!

    Wiley’s Dictionary Definition of Political Correctness — Silence the logical conclusion of politically correct speech.

    I don’t give a damn what you think of or call me I REFUSE to bow to Political Correctness and change for no one!!!

    1. I agree and wish more U.S. citizens would rise up under those beliefs. I dont like racism, and not everything is raciest just because you are not white, the so called people of color are overwhelmingly very raciest and if you say anything against that or point it out you are labeled raciest it is a term used by mostly cowards and those who do not have a valid or truthful argument.

    2. You could not be more right. Everyone is scared s…. to say anything as the liberals, Demos and “others” use the word Racist for anything that doesn’t agree with them. As Force Marine aptly said “I refuse to bow to Political Correctness and change for no one!”

    3. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve had enough of all this bullshit. Nazi style brainwashing, indoctrination and the most corrupt government I’ve ever seen. Don’t forget our education system (indoctrination camps) doing a bang up job. I won’t apologize for being white, being a Patriot, for loving America and its traditions. if we all continue to keep quiet, sit back and do nothing because we are too busy going to work and just want to be left alone America is doomed. we are now surrounded by brainwashed mindless idiots and helpless victims hell bent on destroying America and their doing a pretty good job of it. I wish I had the answers. The biggest racists are the ones who are always talking about it and calling everybody else racists.

  4. I’m with ya Andy. Locked and loaded, just waiting for an organized response to all this bullshit.

  5. You are what you act like, if you act like a jerk then you are one, no matter what color you are. I think that what has turned many people against black folks is them referring to themselves as Afro Americans. There is no such thing. There are black Americans, white Americans, red Americans, yellow Americans, but we are all Americans, one race , “human”, one country “America” One Nation Under GOD and the sooner we all accept this the sooner our troubles with each other will be over.

  6. whites were being discriminated against in the military in the 70s, 80s and 90s while I was in. Now, politicians are doing whatever it takes to buy, beg or steal votes to get more power. Next civil war is coming and the demonrats will lose this one, too

  7. We have been discriminated against for years. The blacks have affirmative action – whites do not; blacks have the NAACP – whites do not have a NAAWP; blacks have The Congressional Black Caucus in our government – there is no Congressional White Caucus; blacks have “black colleges” – whites do not have “white colleges”; blacks have BLM – whites do not a WLM; blacks have pageants just for blacks, such as Miss Black America – whites do not have pageants just for whites; some colleges/universities have fraternities and sororities just for blacks – no sororities or fraternities just for whites – just to name a few examples of discrimination that have been around for years.

    1. Hello Sidney, These things exist because of discrimination towards black and other minorities. I think the issue is how much longer should they exist. I do believe the majority of this nation is good but there is enough to be a problem and those are the one I speak of. I understand what some of the people here are saying but this issue is the number of white racist that still exist and the ones that hide. We all should be equal no matter the skin color. I was a mile away for those poor folks killed in that church in Charleston, SC and I watch Fox news state how sad that people were killed due to religion. Shame on Fox. However, I am a proud vet who was lucky to grow up in a good household in which I was tough that you treat everyone with respect. Color has never been an issue but with others i still is though they stay hidden because again I say this country is better than those who discriminate. I also feel that what people feel is not necessarily reversed. I can see if a group of people were told they can’t vote, read, go to good schools and even hung would be discrimination but non of that is happening now. It also seems that people who feel that way had something happen to them to make them feel that way which is still not close to what people went thru in the 60’s. When no one black got a raise, a promotion back then I wonder what the reason was for and thru that groups like the NAACP were formed which is the reason they exist today. Before every one starts yellow, try to understand what others feel. Racism does not exist like once before. Because it goes against everything people stand for in this great nation, they hide. My sister was told she would not get promoted because she is black and her boss said she can’t prove or do anything about it. This is not a one time thing though it does not make me feel that all white American are a problem. I catch a lot of heat from my own piers, black, because I disagree with their way of thinking. I came to the south via the navy and was shocked the way black people felt about whites. Many with positive attitudes but so many with negative ones and I tell them they feel like that because it was handed down to them that they are being mistreated and discriminated against. I understand Charleston’s past but this attitude has got to stop. White and black people have hidden tendencies of hate because of what they see on the news. CNN, MSNBC = Too much talk about how white people are bad. Fox News, conservative radio = not enough talk. We all need to be on the same page and respect one another. It should start here with all of us. By the way, I am black and conservative. Both parents are and proud. We get often told we are not black because we worked hard to get the life we have today. That is also an issue but brought on by years of oppression. I also get another conservative news letter that allows people to use the N word. Does nothing about it even after I emailed them. They even used the term colored. All I could do was laugh it off. This is why problems still carry on. We need to stop all of this and do what is right. White and Black people.

  8. This has been going on for a long time. Ebony magazine, BET network, TV show Blackish, NAACP, Black history month and Miss Black America. It has been going on since the 70’s. You people are just waking up to this. 80% of TV advertising is black ( which is why I stream or pay extra for no commercials) . Biden’s restaurant government help only if you are color. Get to the back of the bus.

  9. The problem is that most of the people who claim they are fighting racism are more interested in placing blame than in fighting racism. So they create terms like systemic racism and white fragility, which are themselves inherently racist terms, in order to justify some people being racist while blaming others of being racist for the same actions. Anti-white discrimination has only increased a little bit in recent years, but more people are trying to justify it which makes it seem like it’s increasing at a faster pace. Of course, this is a legitimate slippery slope situation where it is going to start increasing more if society continues to refuse to acknowledge it.

  10. My answer to the question, have whites been discriminated against is YES! I’m white and after spending an entire day being processed for a good job that included a physical that I passed and various tests that I passed I was told they couldn’t use me because they were only hiring colored people. Racial discrimination? YOUR DAMN RIGHT!

    1. RC, That’s not racist is it ?? Don’t hire the most qualified person for the job, hire some slug because of his race.

      1. You are correct RJB but when the person of color gets hired it is because they are black, brown? Or is it because they are qualified? And if they are not qualified, how do you know and where was this passion when all of one kind got all the jobs. Was this important to you back then and some cases, now?? Or maybe you did not know what was happening which I understand. Not trying to be a bad guy but it seems people are only concerned when the cards are turned. Fight for everyone and I can have a better understanding.

    2. For starters I doubt they said colored people. Give me a break. I wonder if any of those so called coloreds ranked higher than you?

  11. If they say black history week of Society of black americans or do a TV show Blackish everything is fine but what if someone said lets have a White History Month or a white appreciation day WOW SPARKS WOULD FLY but famous sayings like Is it because I’M Black or like I heard a black woman tell a cop at an accident did yoy talk to me last and for less time because the other driver was white, these are prime examples of black racists who just want to challenge whites. Things seemed to be a little better before the Obamas but got worse after they left but Michelle seems to think whites are no good anyway.

    1. Ron, people feel that way because of how they were treated. Like you, nothing good to say about anyone black but you should be treated better? I am black I too do not like the show Blackish. I have not seen any of it but the name caused me to back away. I understand how u feel but Black history month and others are a result of a lack of respect in the past. It is a was to represent those that should have been years ago. It is a shame you don’t understand that. Same for the Black church. All because of the past. The real issue is should we do away with titles or is there too many racist left to do that? My daughter is a school teacher and wanted to stop black history month at her school so to speak and include the accomplishments of blacks and other races as part of the normal curriculum. Many people did not like that idea and my daughter called me in tears saying that one white man said he did not want his daughter learning about N word. Now do you see what the problem is? This also goes for black people that fail in life and blame white people. Time to change!!!

  12. I’ve known ‘white’ racists, I’ve known ‘black’ racists, I’ve known ‘hispanic’ racist, and racists from every race, ethnic background, or creed, but mostly I’ve known ‘religious’ racist. By that I mean those who’s ideology uses tyranny, bullying, and threats, to advance their own agenda. They refuse to listen to the other side’s point of view, bashing, smashing, all opposition to their own tunnel vision. They refuse to see how much progress has been made in civil rights. They’d rather pretend that they, even though they are living a life far better than most of our ancestors did, they are victims. It just ain’t so. antifa/blm are religious racists. They stomp on, and ridicule anyone who disagrees with them, as their religion requires them to.
    God teaches us to love one another, but too often, even those who are Christians, as I am, wind up getting smug about it. When that happens, pride, one of the deadliest of the major sins, starts making one feel we are better than anyone else. It isn’t so! Christians fight this battle everyday. None of us are perfect, none of us are to judge others. That does not mean we don’t step up when we see blatant wrong being done, no matter who the victims are. Our country is at a big crossroad right now. We need to stand for our freedoms, and forbid the takeover of the government from those who have selfish, financially incentive, motives. We have sat back while out youth has been slowly brainwashed into thinking our country has never done the right thing. What a ludicrous ideology is being thrown out there. It’s time to stop the drain of the brains of our young. Pay attention to what our kids are learning. Find out just how racist CRT really is. Wake up and get the ‘woke’ out of our lives. Get reform into place where it’s needed. We can only do this if we, as a ‘silent majority’ in a great country do our part.

  13. ANY “discrimination” against others is WRONG, PERIOD! Doesn’t matter who is doing it, or victim of it, it’s WRONG! I first saw this “Reverse Discrimination” back in 1973, while on active duty in the Air Force. I was required to attend “Race Relations” training where I was REQUIRED to sit and allow black people scream at me, and tell me how “Prejudiced” I was, how MY family OWED blacks because they owned SLAVES! I had commissioned officers, black, of course, stand over me and demand I be silent while these black airmen and sergeants demeaned me, and since I was new to the military, and had no rank, I could do nothing but sit and take the abuse! Later in my career, I had many black friends and coworkers who were good, honest and hard working! I still have black friends that I would go to war with, and die for, if necessary! BUT, Reverse Discrimination is REAL, and has been around, at least in the military, since the early 1970’s. I’ve lost out on jobs, promotions, and even assignments to people I KNOW were less qualified, and, coincidentally (?) black… I swear, Man, the more we progress, the farther we are behind…

    1. Jesse, I am black and want to say I am sorry you had to go thru that. This is a battle I go thru a lot with my own piers calling me white instead of a man, American or someone who cares about others. Yes, things were very bad and to some that kind of mess still exist but most of us are good and I am sure you are one of them. God Bless you brother and thank you for your service. Navy vet here!!!! Kev

  14. This whole race card BS is getting old!!! Gimme, Gimme, Gimme….. when will it end?! White people are the least racist! I know people that were never racist until all these things kept going on. They wonder why they are profiled.BLM are a bunch of hoodlums that don’t work that just want to loot,steal and torch their cities. Nothing peaceful about that. I am offended by all the handouts they are getting, where’s ours?!?

  15. Of course white Americans are being discriminated against. I’m seeing it all the time. Of course someone who does that is not being racist are they. (What nonsense.)The reverse discrimination that is occurring is going to push this country into a race war where lives will be lost. The African Americans and white liberals responsible for this racism would be ostracized by the great black civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. if he had lived. So much progress against racism had succeeded until BLM rose it’s ugly head. I’d like to remind these so called leaders that two wrongs don’t make it right. Also, whites will not lay down while discrimination is going on and is labeled acceptable by mass media. For MSM, the consequences will be the most severe. Careers will be destroyed as a result.

  16. What history should have taught us is Slavery, its origins in periods of labor shortage, will never result in a civil society unless assimilation is desired by all the people, independent of race otherwise a multi-racial society is inherently unstable and continuous conflict erupts with violence from time to time and no national unity ever in sight. .

  17. Any discrimination against any person based on their race is racism. There is no such thing as reverse racism.

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